The Colosseum

AO: The Colosseum: Q: Gunner

Dark and 27 degrees – Swinger, Honey Badger, Clorox, Bloodshot, Gipper, Caddyshack, Tin Cup, Greek Freak, Tug Boat, Arm Bar, Safe Ride, Splinter, Dufresne, Toad Stool, Honey Stinger

Short Mosey of ¾ lap around the track to Warm-O-Rama and did:

  1. Mummy Kicks 15 IC
  2. Mountain Climber 15 IC
  3. Scissor Kicks 15 IC
  4. Imperial Walkers 15 IC
  5. Rolly Polly 10

3 sets of these with the 3rd set in rapid order and no stop between

The Thang – Used the Main stadium stairs to run up-over-down-up-over-down-over-up-over-down then back to the start and performed each exercise listed. Between each exercise a PAX did a stadium lap.

  1. 40 Bench Dips
  2. 40 Zebra Butt Kicks (20 each leg)
  3. 20 Decline Merkins – feet on bench
  4. 30 Peter Parkers
  5. 20 Stadium Merkins – Right on lower side
  6. 20 Mountain Man Poopers
  7. 20 Stadium Merkins – left on lower side

We didn’t make it through all 7 exercises before Omaha was called.

We performed 3 sets of wall sits

Set 1- sit for 30 seconds

Set 2- sit with left leg up – 20 seconds

Set 3- sit with right leg up – 20 seconds

Conducted Announcements

COT – No such thing as being “Too Nice” in this world.

Closing prayer

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