10.29.2019 | Cornhusker Handicap | Inner Rail Ride | First Snow Workout of the Fall

Pax: Bubbles (hate), OMT, Lucky Charms, Ponzi, Smashmouth, Fire Walker, Stella!, the Plague, Polaroid, Jean Claude, Brazilian, Huffy. 

QIC: Huffy

Conditions: 29 degrees, calm and little to no humidity. Brisk would be a good adjective.

Huffy welcomed 9 PAX at 5:30 sharp. Mission statement and core principles were recited, without help from his cheat sheet. No FNG’s, so he forwent the disclaimer… or he forgot.  

Huffy made sure to announce the mosey would be to parts of Cornhusker Handicap that have never been seen, and as such, anyone late would not find the group. Headed north around PacLife and through a secret tunnel ending up on the other side of the Inner Rail. ½ way through the Warm-a-rama, Brazilian phoned Huffy, and wanted to know where the hell the group was so he and Ponzi could join.

Pax completed the following exercises.

  • Side Straddle Hop * 20
  • Imperial Walkers * 15
  • Mountain Climbers * 15
  • Werewolf * 5

Ran to the south side of the Inner Rail to meet the late comers- Brazilian and Ponzi. Our group of 10, now became 12. Much better for Huffy’s planned groups of 4.

The Thang:
The Thang consisted of 3 stations. Each station would be AMRAP (rounds, not reps).
Pax joined into groups of 4, with most groups just grabbing the 3 guys next to them… except the Plague. He walked across the circle to join Bubbles and Ponzi and kicked Smashmouth out of said group. Directions were given that they would have 4 minutes to do as many rounds of the exercises as possible on that station’s sheet. The bike bell would then sound, and they would rotate to the next station. Repeating as many times as possible in the 24-minute grind.

Huffy turned on his random mix of Bike themed music collected from Spotify (by only typing Bicycle into the search bar). Not a wise choice for a playlist…

Station 1:

  • Jump Rope x 40
  • Plank to Elbow Plank x 10 IC
  • Repeat

Station 2:

  • Walking Lunges x 30
  • Merkins x 15
  • Bear Crawl back to starting point
  • Repeat

Station 3:

  • Run to the top of the stairs, do 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • Run ½ down the stairs, do 5 burpees
  • Run to bottom of stairs, do 10 Plank Jacks
  • Repeat

Rotate every 4 minutes until Omaha was called. 

Mosey back to the shovel flag for 6 MoM.


  • Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
  • Growing Pains (15 x LBC, 15 x BBSU, 30 sec Superman)
  • American Hammers x 30 courtesy of Stella.


Huffy’s son was the inspiration for this workout. He loves riding his bike, for 2 minutes or an hour, and thinks he is the best at it. “Watch me jump over this stick Dad…” and his energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  

Huffy said you can bring things to the table (including life and F3) that require ZERO talent: Be on Time (not aimed at Brazilian or Ponzi…), Work Ethic, Effort, Energy, Passion, Doing Extra, Being Coachable, and Attitude.

Announcements: None

Enjoy this ride!
            – Huffy

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