Back Blast: Birthday Reruns
Date: 10.26.2019
AO: The Oracle

Pax: DR Devner-Mayhem(Respect!), Honey Stinger, Selleck, Room Service, Ponzi, Brazilian, Uncle Rico, CSI, High Tower, Chiclets(Respect!), Bloodshot, Wentworth, Thor, Vandelay, Killowat, No Doze, Saul, Tugboat, Reba, Rancid, A-Bomb, Grillz, Othello, Armbar, Blue Suede, Toadstool, Falafel, Blue Chip, Dufrense, Rollbar, Coach K, Honey Badger, Slow Pitch, Big One, Tater Tot, Smashmouth, Lowman, Mark Pohl-FNG(Doc Brown), Tunafish, Placebo, Wait Time, Tonight Show 

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 34 degrees with beautiful fall morning sunrise.

Tonight Show welcomed 42 pax to the early morning gloom on this Saturday near the end of YHC’s birthday week.  After taking mental note of how amazing the F3Omaha pax are (19 HIM’s for a 2.6 mile pre-ruck and another half dozen or so for a 5-10k pre-run) the mission was provided and a disclaimer was given.  The pax were notified that there would be birthday beatdown re-runs from Tuesday 40 years of the Tonight Show. At this point pax all started to mosey to the back parking lot.

Half way down Hero’s Blvd pax were instructed to Bear Crawl as all babies have to learn to crawl before they walk.  Crawling is no easy task for a baby though as the pax were instructed to Crawl Bear. Finally all babies get up onto shaky legs as pax were told to duck walk.  At this point all babies get up and can learn to run to the parking lot.

Pax completed the following exercises.

  • Side Straddle Hop * 20
  • Hairy Rockets * 20
  • Tappy Taps * 10
  • Tater Taps * 10
  • Blades of Steel * 20

For pre-thang part 1 pax dropped into an Al Gore and got ready for 10 counts of failure to launch.  The good news (as I mentally noted earlier) Omaha pax and some HIM so no man failed to launch through all 10 reps.  

The pax continued the mosey around the field house and stopped along the way.  Everyone was divided into 2 groups. Group 1 completed ascending testicles while group 2 held an Al Gore.  After Group 1 completed 10 merkins at 45 degrees and ascended their feet higher to hold for a 30 count the men flap jacked and repeated. #crowdpleaser Once Group 2 was completed the men completed the mosey toward the soccer field where they were greeted by…

The Thang:
The Thang consisted of 4 stations loosely representing the phases of Tonight Show growing up.  (When I say loosely, I mean VERY loosely)

Pax number off by 4’s and the Thang was explained… extremely clearly.  Pax would age through each station and at the end they would Benjamin Button and go back to the beginning. (This required a bear crawl from station 4 back to station 1)

Station 1: Proper form (movements DO NOT represent my life… In anyway…)

  • Squat Thrusters * 10
  • Menage merkins * 10
  • Curls * 15

Station 2 – Core (As a baby all movement starts in the core)

  • LBC * 10 IC
  • Starfish crunches * 10 IC
  • Hip Thrusters * 15 IC

Station 3 – High school/Work (It’s hard)

  • Burpees * 10
  • Shoulder taps * 10 IC
  • Jump Tucks * 15

Station 4 – Marriage and Kids

  • Monkey Humpers * 15 IC
  • Oh yeah! * 10 IC each arm
  • Sumo Squats * 15

Benjamin Button and repeat until Omaha was called. 

After 2 ¾ rotations Omaha! was called and it was time to head back to the shovel flag for 6 MoM.


  • Iron Hulk – Merkin:Air Press (1:4) pax completed 6 rounds.  Another #crowdpleaser
  • Not so lazy boys (10 counts) * 4
  • Dolly * 20 IC
  • YHC had learned it was Tate Tot’s birthday on the 23rd (The day after mine) So I called him over to co-lead the traditionally American hammer. (My sincere apologies brother for being a year off)  We still managed to crank out 39 IC hammers.


The days following my birthday has seen lots of people asking YHC what it is like to be an “Old Man.”  The truth is it isn’t much different than being 39 or 38. It has been a surprise to hear people try to steal my joy by letting me know I will never be as good physically as I was at 30.  My normal response to this is “yeah and neither was I as good at 30 as I was at 20.” This is an unwinable fight and not one worth fighting against.  

Voltaire said, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well,”

So what is your view of growing up and aging?  Do you have a joy or despair? Are you excited or terrified?  Are you embracing or resisting?  
Are you as good as you used to be?  You won’t ever be as good as you were at 30, but when you were 30 you weren’t going to be as good as 20 again.  You can be better today than you were yesterday. Live well men.


  1. Tuesday – Lemon Law is still looking for volunteers for the Heartland Hope Mission.  It is 2.0 friendly for kids 12 and over.
  2. Slack – Internal Comz are moving to Slack.  This won’t replace Twitter as a public presence is necessary.  This will augment internal communications making it easier to find other pax and keep some sensitive comz within the Omaha pax specifically.  See Lowman if you need assistance otherwise get onboard!
  3. 12/1 is the CSAUP being planned by Khakis and Bubbles.  Block the calendar and get permission from the M now. This is sure to please.
  4. This Friday is first Friday 2nd F at Flagship commons.  Join your fellow pax for great 2nd F and ok lunch.


  • F3 Omaha HIM are the real deal.  Getting over 25 HIM for EC at one AO is just plain studly.  
  • Ponzi – Hairy Rockettes and Finkle Swings are not the same.  YHC has a commanding knowledge of the Lexicon/Exicon and knows his stuff. Besides… YHC was the Q for this 40th year celebratory beatdown…  Now… If only I could remember where I put my Metamucil.

Always proud to be part of this group
Tonight Show

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