10/26/19 Oscar Mike @The Oracle

Flutter Kicks with Ruck overhead

10.26.19 0600

AO: Oscar Mike/Oracle

Weather: A calm morning, 37°

PAX: Wait Time, Tonight Show, Othello, Rancid, Folsom, Mayhem DR from Denver RESPECT, Uncle Rico, Gumbo, FDIC, Hard Hat, Hightower, A-Bomb, Bloodshot, Blue Suede,  Armbar, Tater Tot, BetaMax, Brazilian

QIC: Rollbar

The Ruck Thang

After a quick welcome, introduction and disclaimer Rollbar led the PAX off onto a carefully plotted route for the inaugural march of Omaha’s newest AO, Oscar Mike. After a quick U-turn we were on the right track! 

Rollbar quickly discovered that Strava was not going to provide turn-by-turn direction for the carefully plotted route and thus abandoned it in order to focus on some 2nd F time with his fellow Ruckers. Left to his own devices and a questionable sense of direction, Rollbar led the PAX on a meandering 2.67 mile tour of the Boy’s Town campus that plays host to F3’s Oracle AO.  From school to dormitory to residential streets the PAX explored the mean streets of Boy’s Town, conversing in hushed tones in hopes of not disturbing the residents.

At approximately .75 mile increment Rollbar called pause to allow the 6 to catch up and then suffer an exercise under the weight of his ruck.

At some point some point, a PAX member dropped his phone while on his 6 for an exercise, only to be heckled for having loose items in his pockets by a certain unnamed PAX (rhymes with Farmcar), as we returned to the Shovel Flags, “Farmcar” and the ever kind Tater Tot were unaccounted for, it seems “Farmcar” had lost his keys! 

Moral of the story is, when you’re rucking, you have this thing on you back with nice zippered pockets, great for securing keys and such! 🤣

Love ya “Farmcar”!

The exercises were:

Squat Thruster x25

Flutter Kicks, ruck overhead x25ic

Chest Press x35

American Hammers x25ic

What YHC learned from this first ruck workout:

  1. Rucking is as much about 2nd F as it is 1st F. I got the opportunity to chat with several PAX that I’ve never had the chance to get to know yet, it was awesome! 
  2. If it’s too easy, put more weight in your ruck.
  3. Those straps WILL hit you in the eye on a chest press if you’re not careful!
  4. The PAX is excited for this new movement in F3 Omaha
  5. If planning fails, stay cool and improvise!

YHC is truly grateful for the opportunity to lead such a great group of men, and for the amazing outpouring of support voiced. Oscar Mike has HUGE things on the horizon. Stay tuned!

On the Move! 

Be Blessed,



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