Date: 10/25/19

AO: The Golden Spike

Pax: Arm Bar, Blue Suede, Tonight Show, Slow Roast, Hard Hat, Splinter, TC – Respect!, Big One, Vandalay, FDIC, Tin Cup, Sparty, Shake and Bake, Odin Respect! Respect! Respect!, Saul, Room Service, Pele, Dufrane, Thor, Othello, jean Claude, Biggie Smalls, Mufasa, Honey Stinger, Low Man, Pablo

VQ: The Curse

Conditions: Twas a crispy 32 degree morning devoid of wind or other weather related impairments. A glorious setting for a beat down.

The morning began at 5 am with some early work with 8 pax. The mosey pace was brisk and highlighted by never quite knowing where we were running through the neighborhoods surrounding the Golden Spike. Regardless, the group returned successfully, anxious for the main workout. The Curse welcomed 27 pax to the Golden Spike and his VQ. There were no FNGs present so the disclaimers were given quickly as there was much work to be done. The group was instructed to mosey a full lap on the track and convene on the south end for warm-a-rama.


The group completed the mosey lap and circled up. Together, we completed the following exercises

▪       Side Straddle Hops – 20

▪           Annies – 10 each arm

▪           Sun Gods – Forward and backward – 10 counts each

▪           Goof Balls – 20 (all for the enjoyment of the Q)


The Curse then numbered the Pax off into groups of 4 and explained the grinder awaiting the group. Four (4) lanterns were set up at the beginning and end of each straight away on the track. The lanterns were set to a very bright white setting. These served as markers for workout stations. Pax were informed they were going to be using the whole stadium for their beat down. Further, because everything is better when we work together, all exercises were to be done in cadence, taking turns amongst the group.

The Thang

The structure of the workout was as follows: After completing one exercise at each station, Pax would run to the next checkpoint. They were instructed to run the curves normally but run up the stairs and across for the straightaways. Each station has 3 exercises on the sheets. Laps were to be run until Omaha was called. The 4 stations were as follows:

    ▪       Station 1 – How does my butt look in these jeans?

    ⁃     Squat jumps (20)

    ⁃         Lunge jumps (20)

    ⁃         Side squats (20)

    ▪       Station 2 – I want my t-shirts to fit tighter

    ⁃     Merkins (20)

    ⁃         Shoulder Touches (20)

    ⁃         Dips on the bench (20)

    ▪       Station 3 – Shoulders should look like you are smuggling softballs

   ⁃     Moroccan Night Clubs (20)

   ⁃         Elevated feet on bench merkins (20)

   ⁃         Cherry Pickers (20)

    ▪       Station 4 – These abs don’t come for free

   ⁃     Freddy Mercury’s (20)

   ⁃         LBCs (20)

   ⁃         Crunchy Frogs (20)

The group completed 4 laps with the lanterns being changed to a soothing fire effect for the last lap. For those keeping score at home, that is over a mile of running and some sore arms! Omaha was called and the weary group of men gathered the glowing lanterns and convened for the 6MOM along the west wall.


The Curse, feeling like the pax had something left in the tank began wall sits. Starting with himself and moving down the line, the group completed 6 sets of 10 counts for a full minute of sits. It was hard to hear, but The Curse assumed the noises he heard were words of thank you from fellow pax for pushing them. Following the wall sits, the group hit the ground for a set of 30 American Hammers. Since 2 is always better than 1, the men hit the wall for one more set of wall sits for 60 seconds followed by a closing set of American Hammers to put a button on the workout.


The Curse challenged the pax to be leaders in their lives through the Jesuit tenants of leadership – especially focusing on the Magis (more) and being Men for Others. Men are asked to be leaders in our families, at work, in circles of friends, and countless other scenarios. Even with these demands, we can do more than we think. The 3 F’s align with these Jesuit pillars. Each day, as we work on our Fitness, we are pushing our bodies to do more all while taking care of ourselves, which is another essential part of being a leader. One cannot lead if he himself is not in a good place. Along with the first F, we also pick fellow pax up to get through tough workouts through words of encouragement.

The second F aligns with the Jesuit values through the way we all genuinely care for each other. The Curse cited the incredible outpouring of love and support for Waffle House as an example of the power of our community. We can always do more for each other in our group. Simply taking the time to get to know a new pax this week can have a profound impact on their life. Never take for granted what simple gestures and listening can do to impart a positive outcome for another pax.

Finally, the third F. While the Jesuit tenants are rooted in Catholicism, the Jesuits always taught me that if you are striving to be a good person, rooted in some sort of faith, what you believe in to get there is not what is important. So as we all connect with our personal Q in the sky”, I believe we can all do more to grow faithfully. This takes being open to change, challenging our beliefs, and sharing our faith with others. Not always easy to do, but certainly a path we can take to growth.

The Curse challenged everyone to do more to impact someone in their lives this weekend. He thanked everyone for supporting his VQ – especially those that showed up specifically because of the VQ.


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