We Few…We Happy Few

AO: Copperfields

PAX: Safe Ride, Othello, Trax, Shells, Rollbar, Uncle Rico, Jean-Claude, Hard Hat, Mufasa, Sully, Barn Door, Rancid (Hate), Splinter Cell, Jason Wintersteen (FNG-Fudd), Lemon Law, Wait Time, Sasquash, Slow Roast, Tonight Show

QIC: Lemon Law

Weather: 33°, but YHC had to throw a jacket on due to the wind chill.

YHC welcomed the PAX and 1 FNG to the gloom. Mission, principles, and disclaimer were given.

PAX paired up, everyone ran to mid-field, with 1 partner per pair toting a coupon.


SSHs x20 IC

Windmills x10 IC

The Osprey (Sun Gods-forward x10 IC, Chinooks-forward x10 IC, Chinooks-reverse x10 IC, Sun Gods-reverse x10 IC)

Rippers x12 IC

Pre-Thang: Charge of the Light Brigade

Round 1: One partner ran to north sidewalk w/ coupon, while other did Turk-n-Burps; flapjack

Round 2: one partner ran to north sidewalk, while other did Russian twists w/coupon; flapjack

[This battle was part of the Crimean War between the English, French, and Turks versus the Russians.]

Merkins/squats to the 6

Thang: Battle of Agincourt

One partner stayed at mid-field, and did the following AMRAP

Goblet Squats

Coupon Curls

Coupon Squat Thrusters

Coupon Press

Coupon Swings

Coupon Extensions

Other partner ran to the basketball court to do the following (all x20), then ran back to mid-field to flapjack



Gas Pumpers

Big Bois

Lunges (x10/leg)

Diamond Merkins

Omaha was called, and partner who didn’t carry the coupon for warm-a-rama carried it back to the shovel flag for Mary.


Mercurys x15 (led by Mufasa)

Flutter kicks x15 IC (led by Barn Door)

Hammer x35 IC (led by Safe Ride)


1) 3rd F at Heartland Hope this Tues the 29th. Let Lemon Law know if you can serve.

2) Oscar/Mike (Rucking AO) starts this Saturday at 6am

3) New comms method is Slack app – join up if you haven’t yet

4) CSAUP coming up on December 1st. It’ll be a doozy.


October 25th is St. Crispin’s Day, a day of two famous battles from which we can draw important lessons.

A) The Charge of the Light Brigade: due to poor communication, an English calvary brigade suffered almost 50% casualties. Lesson: communicate your objective clearly to others, and make sure they understand the importance of relaying that objective clearly as well.

B) The Battle of Agincourt: the English army was hungry, diseased, weary, and outnumbered at least 4-1 by the French. Yet they won. Lessons: Perservere, no matter the odds; rely on your brothers.

F3 fosters brotherhood in an awesome way. From Shakespeare’s Henry V, King Henry exhorts his army, adding “…we few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother…”

We may not shed blood together. But we CSAUP together, we battle cold and 4″ inches of snow together. We share our struggles and triumphs in the CoT.

Strengthen your F3 brotherhood by doing more coffeeteria, a CSAUP, an HDHH, or just reaching out to a fellow PAX to get to know him better.


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