Paradise Island Backblast: Let’s get off this damn island!

AO: Paradise Island 10.23.2019
PAX: Khakis (Respect!), Stretch, Bubbles (Hate!), The Plague, Armbar, Tater Tot (Happy Birthday!), Blue Suede, Slow Pitch, Safe Ride, Hightower, FDIC, Rancid (Hate!), Gunner
QIC: Hard Hat

Temperature: 49 with light breeze – Glorious conditions for an attempt to escape the island.

14 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and YHC totally forgot the disclaimer. Not a surprise since he also tweeted out that this workout would start at 5:30 instead of the typical island time of 5:15. After explaining that our mission today is to find a way off this damn island, the group moseyed around the building for a warm-up.

Side Strattle Hop 20 IC
Sobriety Style Sun Gods 10 IC Front 10 IC Reverse
We might need a helicopter to get outta here, so move to a Chinook 10 IC Front 10 IC Reverse
Cherry Pickers 10 IC
We might need to swim outta here, so on your belly for some dry breast strokes. Called out on my “Stroke” x 15
Since there is a big, beautiful wall facing Regency Drive, we went ahead and did 20 Chicken Peckers to wrap up the WAR.

THA-THANG – Getting Lost on the Island
The route to get off the island was chicken scratched on Hard Hat’s trusty paper map. The map showed the group crossing the street to find a set of stairs.

1st Stop: Grizzcalator
PAX line up on the right side at the base of the stairs and perform Chilcutt Peter
Parkers. This was treated like an indian run, so the PAX on the end would get up and run to the stairs to “Grizzcalator” up. This is a Merkin crawl, with a Merkin being performed on each step, all the way up. Once up, run down the hill and line up on the left side, resuming a Chilcutt Peter Parker until all PAX have gone up the Grizzcalator.

Run through the neighborhood to the park. All stops along the way had the PAX doing Monkey Humpers as they waited on the 6.

2nd Stop: Pulling Crabs
PAX formed two lines at the swing set. Everyone does Crab Cakes while the PAX at the end of the line runs to the set to do 10 pull ups (modify as needed). After pull ups were done the PAX would line up opposite side and resume Crab Cakes. Once all
PAX went through, do it again back to the side we started.
Run through the neighborhood some more, try not to get lost. Stop at all islands along the way and do Monkey Humpers while waiting on the 6.

3rd Stop: We found the Pacific Boys!
Somehow we stumbled upon Pacific Street. From the corner of Pacific and Regency we began an interval run back to our shovel flags. This interval run is called a “Fart Lick”. Sprint from light pole to light pole, jog light pole to light pole, all the way back.

4th Stop: JDAMPOW Stairs
Along the way, there is another set of stairs. Here everyone grabs a step and hangs their heels over the edge for some Johnny Dramas (negative calf raises) x 25. Then
all PAX line up on right side of stairs and perform Annies (plank position with alternating hand circles). Guy on the end runs to the stairs and does a Mario up (2 feet jump up each step), then a POW crawl (on your belly, hands behind your back) down the hill. Resume Annies until all PAX have completed.
Fart Lick the rest of the way back. No time for 6MOM

Circle of Trust:
• Announcements: Halloween Convergence beatdown at Boystown 5:30AM
• Cited the Fred Rogers Emmy acceptance speech of 1997.
-“So many people have helped me to come here to this night. Some of you are here, some are far away and some are even in Heaven.
All of us have special ones who loved us into being.

Would you just take, along with me, 10 seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are, those who cared about you and wanted what was best for you in life.
10 seconds of silence
Whomever you’ve been thinking about, how pleased they must be to know the difference you feel they have made.”
Hard Hat

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