10.22.2019 – Wild Kingdom – Back Blast: 40 Years of the Tonight Show

Back Blast: 40 Years of Tonight Show
Date: 10.22.2019

AO: Tonight Show
Pax: Othello, Rancid, Mufasa, Thomas, Slow Pitch, Jean Claude, Tater Tot, Barn Door, 40 Grit, The Curse, Room Service, Biggie Smalls, Blue Suede, Hard Hat, Roll Bar, Whiteclaw, Arm bar, The Plague, Stretch, Uncle Rico, Wait Time, Tonight Show
QIC: Tonight Show
Conditions: 43 degrees a slight breeze out of the west. A perfect morning for a birthday celebration in the gloom.

YHC welcomed the pax to another morning at Wild Kingdom.  With the welcome and disclaimer out of the way everyone was informed that for my 40th birthday we would be taking a walk down memory lane.  This morning would be 40 Years of the Tonight Show and we going back… all the way back to the beginning… When YHC was born he had to learn how to crawl.

The pax began a Bear Crawl towards the boat docks.  Crawling isn’t easy for a baby so pax had to Crawl Bear.  As YHC learned to stand up the tour to toddlerhood continued with Duck Walks.  Here we started stretching those legs to stand up and performed Tater Taps * 15 IC.  Ultimately, YHC was strong enough to stand up and pax completed Bolt 45’s. Finally upright, YHC skipped walking and went straight to running.  JAIL BREAK all the way to the picnic tables and restrooms.

The Thang:
The PAX had arrived in my awkward teen years.  It began with Ascending Testicles. Some pax overestimated how high to put their feet on the wall and ALL #mumblechatter ceased when the merkins started * 10. Everyone climbed their feet further up the wall and the 10 counts * 3 began.  Finally the boys dropped and it was time for Dirty Hookups * 10 IC. Those teen years were awkward and hard.

As a teenager, YHC still wanted to be cool and have beach muscles so we moved to the picnic tables and started noodling for catfish * 10, knocked out 15 dips, rocked 15 elevated carolina dry docks, and cruised some alternating step ups * 15 IC.

It was time to climb the hill towards high school and college.  We climbed the daml as I grew older, more mature and stronger. Growing up is hard work though which meant we cranked out deconstructed burpees.  (squats * 10, groiners * 10, merkins * 10, groiners * 10, squats * 10). Pax then each completed 10 burpees OYO. At this point YHC checked his watch and realized I was a little premature. (I swear that’s never happened before)  This meant we had time to Al Gore for a 30 count and drop to planks for a 30 count.

After college it was time to progress down from the dam to the parking lot where pax arrived at marriage and kids.  As my M and I got started we had to learn our way together. Pax completed monkey humpers * 20 IC. (Note: My M actually asked me if I was going to do this one.) After practice my M and I got pretty good and it was more like Oh Yeah!! * 10 IC switch to the other arm and repeat Oh Yeah!! * 10 IC.  This of course led to my 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 but carrying those little cherubs all night was tough. Pax crushed through 5 rounds of Iron Hulks. (It’s just air, why is it so heavy). As a parent, husband, and leader at work I have learned that you have to keep getting up. YHC attempted to demonstrate a hands free Good Morning Abbey and failed completely. (That didn’t happen when I practiced last night) 10 reps were still completed with one handed assistance.  Just for good measure pax completed 15 more squats before the mosey to the shovel flag and present day.

As the shovel flag came into view we caught up to the modern day with my F3 brothers.  Back at the location where this journey down memory lane started everyone partnered up and pax completed 10 Booyah! Merkins.  I counted the number and the pax called Booyah!
Having finally arrived at my 40th year (that went by fast, 40 years only felt like 30 minutes) it was high time for …

Pax completed LBC’s * 20 and no good F3Omaha birthday workout ends without the birthday American Hammers.  * 40 IC.

YHC shared how much I have enjoyed F3 and how great having male friendships has been.  YHC shared the following quote.

“It has been said that female friendships can be pictured as two women facing one another, while male friendships can be symbolized as two men standing side by side, looking outwards.”

The reason we as men need to be standing side by side is because of the war around us.  This summed it and was lifted from an article by Greg Morse. https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/men-under-fire

“When the church is on mission, men, out of sheer necessity and love for their families and fellow man, will act more manfully. When the deception of peacetime is exposed, men will see snipers shooting at their brother through pornography. They will see missiles of worldliness fired at their children. They will see the serpent trying to entangle their wives in barbed wires. And they will see souls being lost daily under this present darkness. Their manliness will forbid passivity. They will button up the uniform and go to war.
And wisdom will teach them not to charge in alone. “Surrounded with millions of foes without, and infected with a legion of enemies within,” we will have need for men in our lives to warn us of land mines, encourage us when we’re exhausted, and drag us to safety when we have been hit.
When we are convinced that we stand in a war zone, invading a contested beach against spiritual forces of evil, we will not be content to only gather for the ballgame or work on home projects. We will meet to study God’s word. We will meet to pray together. We will meet to discuss our struggles, victories, aspirations, and ambitions.
We will stay in contact throughout the week. We will strategize. We will help each other amputate limbs. We will speak hard truths to one another. We will laugh together. We will bleed together. We will survive together. Their struggles will become our struggles, and their souls will be part of our responsibility”

From the bottom of YHC’s heart THANK YOU for celebrating my birthday with me this morning. This is as good as it gets men.

Always proud to be part of this group
Tonight Show

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