October 22, 2019

AO – The Colosseum

42 degrees; windy

Q – Stella

PAX: Khakis (respect), Tugboat, Greek Freak, Chiclets (respect), Smash Mouth, Gunner, Safe Ride, Lucky Charms, Saul, Honey Stinger, Clorox, Toad Stool, Huffy, Eufrane, Slinter, Stella (Q).

5:30 AM:  Welcome PAX.  F3 Mission and Core Principals reviewed.  300 Soundtrack started.  Started with mosey up hill to home side Colosseum bleachers.   PAX went up/down each stairway on home team side of bleachers.  Snake formation up/down each set of stairs.  PAX then met in middle of the field for Warm-A-Rama.


  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Tappy taps 15 IC
  • Monkey humpers 10 IC
  • Sun Gods 10 IC each direction
  • Hill Billy’s 15 IC
  • Goofy Move (ask Gunner for name)

Pre-Thang:  Immediately after Warm-A-Rama, PAX stayed in circle for a Circle Burp.  Stella explained he found this F3 Nation website.  Each person runs in place, then in a rotating fashion one PAX yells “down” directing everyone to do one burpee and then resume running in place.  Next person then proceeds to call “down.”   Did 10 burpees for 10/16ths of a Circle Burp. 

The Thang:  Grinder with 100 yard sprint as the push.  PAX split into groups of 3.  We had one group of 4.  Workout explained: Two group members would be completing AMRAP exercises in opposite endzone.  The other team member would sprint back/forth 100 yards as the push.  Each partner instructed to do exercise AMRAP prior moving down the list.    

North Endzone – AMRAP

  • Merkins
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Burpees
  • Werkins
  • SSH
  • Plank
  • Shoulder touches

South Endzone – AMRAP

  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Big Boys
  • Crabwalk touches
  • Air Squats
  • Sungods
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Lunges
  • SSH

Grumbles in North Endzone about focus on chest shortly after starting… At around 5:50 am, while in the South Endzone, Khakis heard saying, “…there’s still a lot of time left, we’re just getting started!”  PAX (or at least Q) winded shortly after starting The Thang.  Q had ah-ha moment that SSH after sprinting might not be the best idea, but was good for keeping PAX heart rate up.  Chiclets spotted running across the field faster than a gazelle several times.   All teams completed each list of exercises and before Omaha called, had progressed to the 1st/2nd on the list for Rinse and Repeat. 

Omaha called at 6:06 am

Mary:  Started off with Never Cross Dolly, followed by Big Boys, Plank for 60 seconds, Marge/Homer and 30 IC American Hammers. 

COT: PAX then Counted Off and completed Namarama.  Q Stella tried to pretend like he was Splinter, but instead said “Chiclets, 30 something, 8 kids.”  PAX quickly caught this and correction made by Q.  Prayer Requests mentioned.  Announcements:  CSAUP on December 1; HDHH at Cunningham’s this Wednesday; Halloween Convergence next Thursday at The Oracle (see Twitter for more information).  COT:  Stella made short analogy to the movie 300: Archers/warriors need target to AIM for or else will miss.  Reminded everyone to periodically step back and think about goals, ie, what are we aiming for in all aspects of life.  This will help us stay focused and make in impact, instead of going through the motions on a daily basis.  Short prayer to close out. 


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