Friday, October 18, 2019//AO: Golden Spike// 53Degrees

PAX: Slowpitch, Tin Cup, Arm Bar, Safe Ride, Khakis, Borland, Dufresne, Huffy, FDIC, Roll Bar, Sparty, Rancid, Curse, Vandelay, TC, Blue Suede, Squidword, Uncle Rico, Barn Door, Saul, Pony Express, Chicklets, Honk Honk, Smashmouth, Othello, Selleck, Wait Time, Plague, Slowpitch, Crocs, Jean Claude, Stretch, Hard Hat, Placebo.

Q: Placebo

After a full 10 PAX pre-ran this morning, Placebo welcomed the Pax to a gorgeous Friday at Golden Spike. The energy level was high.  Great to see a near record number!  Disclaimer and mission were stated and workout was started. 

The Warm-A-Rama 

  • SSH X 25IC
  • Imperial Walker X 15
  • Cherry Pickers X 20
  • Sun Gods X 20
  • Side SquatX 20


Iron Mike/Bobby Hurley Ladder

  • 15 Iron Mike Merkins/5 Bobby Hurleys
  • 14 Iron Mike Merkins/6 Bobby Hurleys
  • Placebo called audible at 10 each….this was a little harder than anticipated

The Thang: 21s

Placebo had the PAX pair up to get ready for the beatdown.  The beatdown was simple and only 2 exercises.  

  • Start with 21 burpees on one goal line.  Run 100 yds to other goal line
  • 21 Squat Thrusters with shoulder press.  Run back to original goal line
  • 18 burpees. Run 100 yds to other goal line
  • 18 squat thrusters with shoulder press
  • Continue with burpees, squat thrusters, and run decreasing by 3 until complete


  • Gas Pumpersx IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
  • LBCs X 15
  • American Hammer x 25IC 

Happy Hour at Chiclets. Bring your M and join an open house Second F event at Chiclet’s house. 6:30 PM Tonight.
Blood Drive and Pizza at Big Fred’s. T-claps to Selleck for organizing the Blood Drive. 20 PAX have registered.

COT: The Infinite Game
Wait Time shared his appreciation and gratitude of the PAX as he accepted a new position at Home Instead. He remarked that many of the PAX have only known him over the past few months in which he was not working. To be clear, Wait Time is not living off an old-money trust fund.
All kidding aside, Wait Time encouraged the PAX to think of life as the Infinite Game and not the Finite Game. This is a concept developed by Simon Sinek – first introduced in “Leaders Eat Last” and now in an entire book called “The Infinite Game.”
Wait Time shared that F3 helped him see life as the Infinite Game. The Finite Game has structured rules, a beginning and an end. In the finite game, someone keeps score and there are winners and losers. For most of Wait Time’s life, he played the Finite Game. By contrast, the Infinite Game has no rules, and no winners and losers. The goal of the infinite game is to “keep the game going.” It is similar to how kids view playing outside in the neighborhood. As a kid, you simply wanted to play with other kids in the neighborhood and perpetuate the game.
For Wait Time, F3Omaha has become the ultimate Infinite Game. The F3 Pax provide of community – a neighborhood game of “kick the can” in which we all want to continue playing. In our marriages, relationships and work how do we view it as the Infinite Game rather than the Finite Game?

We ended the workout with a prayer.


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