10.15.2019 Wild Kingdom Back Blast

Backblast 10.15.19
AO: Wild Kingdom
time: 0530
Weather: 50 degrees, bright moonlit dawn

PAX: Wait Time, Hard Hat, Placibo, Crab Cakes, Trax, Tonight Show, Crocks, Barn Door, Slow Pitch, Uncle Rico, Mufasa, Thomas, Stretch, FDIC
Q: Roll Bar

The normally pitch dark Wild Kingdom gloom was brightly lit by a predawn moon, Rollbar welcomed his brothers to the morning, shared the mission of F3, gave the disclaimer, and told the gathered PAX that like many Rollbar workout this one would be short on running but loaded with pain!
A short mosey to the one and only lamp post for Warm-o-Rama, we’re still looking for The Plague’s alleged parking structure…
Side Straddle Hop x25ic
Cherry Pickers x25ic
Sungods forward and back x15ic
Chinooks forward and back x15ic

The Thang: Warrior’s Brotherhood
Splitting the PAX into teams of 5 Rollbar instructed that this was a no OYO workout, no man works alone. There were 2 stations positioned across the parking infield from each other.

Station 1 had coupons used at varying times during the workout:
Squat Thrusters x25 (You can thank or curse F3 Greensboro and the Iron PAX Challenge for that one)
Dirty Dogs x25ic (A new one introduced by Gobbler)
Bonnie Blairs x25 each leg (another IPC “favorite”)
Side to side jumps x25
Copperhead Squats x25ic
Alternating lunges x25
Station 2, All exercises AMRAP:
WWI Situps
Diamond Merkins

6 Minutes of Mary
Sweat Angels x15ic (Rollbar’s favorite, and a regular at his Qs)
Flutter Kicks x15ic
American Hammers x30ic Cadence courtesy of Slow Piiitch!

Borland and him M took King Boo up to Mayo Clinic yesterday, praying for answers to the health questions
Pablo’s mom had heart surgery, healing and good health going forward
Honey Mama in her continued battle, and the Honey Brothers as they support her
All the PAX on the IR, speedy recovery and return to the Gloom
Hump Day Happy Hour tomorrow @ The Inner Rail, 7:00pm

Rollbar reminded the PAX that we all face things day to day that can become an internal battle, whether that’s work stress, family health, family tensions or personal demons. But we don’t have to fight those battles alone, much like the teams we shared in the workout there are men in this group to stand beside you in the mental battlefield. Lock shields with your brothers, the battle is easier with other warriors by your side! Go forth and seize the day knowing your brothers are with you !
An aside that YHC thought of on the way home: Let’s share our victories with our brothers so they can celebrate with us! Seeing my brothers joys encourages me SO much! Doing life together is a great thing!

Be blessed,
Roll Bar

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