MAIZE Backblast: Surprise

10/17/2019, The Maize AO

PAX: No Doze, Room Service, Mufasa, Jean Claude, Venus, Sasquash, Dufresne, Big One, Uncle Rico, Sully, Lemon Law, Wait Time, Bubbles, The Plague, Barn Door, Blue Suede, Tater Tot, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

18 PAX (tied the AO Record) arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer. The preblast indicated the workout would be a mystery/full of surprises. YHC made a lot of adjustments to the plan the night before and morning of. 

Warm-a-rama began in the parking lot with 20 Seal Jacks, 15 Windmills, 15 Bend and Twists (needs a name, maybe Trunk Twister?), 15 Tappy Taps. 

An Indian run was called for to pass through the neighborhood and along the trail towards the East entrance to Copperfields. Two lines, merged to one, and the indian run evolved into a quick mosey. 


The PAX counted off again, then numbered off into groups of 3 PAX. YHC must’ve been loopy, because we counted off 3 groups of 6 and really needed 6 groups of three. In order to quit wasting time, PAX just grabbed two guys to get a group of three together for a 3 station beatdown.

  • Station 1: Top of the hill (Push station) – Bear Crawl to Station 2
    • 5 Burpees
    • 5 Hydraulic Squats
    • 10 Jump Squats
    • 10 Clerkins (guess we don’t do these enough, because several asked what it was)
  • Station 2: By the tree AMRAP – Run downhill diagonal (without slipping/falling hopefully) to Station 3
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Bobby Hurleys
    • V ups
    • LBCs
  • Station 3: Coupons AMRAP – Run uphill to Station 1
    • Curls
    • Alternating Block Merkins
    • Military Press
    • Man Makers/Blockees
    • Big Boys w/ Block

Once “Omaha” was called, the PAX swiftly gathered the coupons and moseyed back to the shovel flags. There may have been some coupon casualties along the way. 

6MOM consisted of some ABC’s, 20 dying cockroaches, and was closed out by special Maize guest No Doze with 41 American Hammers.  

Circle of Trust:

Announcements: Blood Drive 10/18, Heartland Hope10/29, Halloween Convergence beatdown at Boystown 5:30AM

The COT topic changed within last 24 hrs which was part of the reason for mystery/surprise. After receiving a text yesterday from a PAX about willingness vs. want and pushing ourselves for improvement, it got me thinking about how far I’ve come over the last year with regard to friendships within F3. It used to be really easy to wake up and go back to bed without going to a workout. There was even a day that I woke up, got dressed for a beatdown, and still went back to sleep. After enough workouts, coffeeterias, and pre-runs, it has become very easy to wake up and get out in the gloom with friends. Think about your friendships out in the gloom, and look for the little opportunities to get to know some of the PAX a little better.


Hard Hat

P.S. YHC noticed following the COT that a lot of guys hung around talking much longer than usual. It was a great sight to see!

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