October 15, 2019 | AO – Cornhusker Handicap | Stinson Park | 52°
PAX: Tater Tot, Polaroid, Big One, Smashmouth, Huffy, Bubbles, Biggie Smalls, OMT, Lucky Charms, Ponzi, Fire Walker, Blue Suede, Jean Claude, Tube Socks, Armbar, Othello, Crawl, Selleck, The Plague

Q: The Plague

The Plague welcomed 19 PAX to a gorgeous morning at Cornhusker HC. Reminded PAX that he is not a professional and to modify exercises as needed. Mission of F3 to plant, serve and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
PAX performed a short mosey around the park and back to stage for warm-a-rama.

• SSH 20 IC
• Tappy taps 15 IC
• Squat jumps 15 on down
• Jugglers 15 IC
• Twists 15 IC

Pre-Thang – Fiskers
• Bonnie Blair’s 20
• Scissor kicks 20 IC
• Chilly Jack’s 20 IC
• Low Dollies 20 on open

Groups of three relay – three stations 3 rounds: 1 station specific reps other 2 stations AMRAP. Stay on round until starting PAX returns to rep station.
Station 1:

  1. HR Merkins 20
  2. Burpees 20
  3. Mountain climbers 20 IC

Station 2:

  1. Air Squats
  2. Bobby Hurley’s
  3. Merkins

Station 3:

  1. Monkey jumpers
  2. Jump squats
  3. Gas pumpers

• American Hammers 20 IC

o Let Go of the desire to control everything – “Work done for a reward is much lower than work done for in the yoga of wisdom set thy heart upon thy work but never on its reward, work not for the reward but never cease to do thy work”
o Story about archery instructor – too much willful will; the desire to be in control of everything we’re apart of – this keeps us from mastering the art we pursue.
 Put the thought of hitting the target out of your mind – detach from the outcome

o Prayers for PAX
o Armbar closed out in prayer
 Coffeteria/3rdF at Brigs

The Plague

F3Omaha - 1644 posts

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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