The Oracle – CSI VQ

AO: The Oracle: October 12, 2019, a little chilly but a sunny Saturday morning.

PAX: Honey Badger, Crawl, Khakis (Respect!), Huffy, Thomas, TC (Respect!), Slow Pitch, Room Service, Uncle Rico, Vandelay, Folsom, Tonight Show, Honey Stinger, Wait Time, Borland, Thor, Tater Tot, Rollbar, Wentworth, Top Shelf, Fusebox, Sweet Tooth, Coach K, Tuna Fish, Cyclone (Respect!), A Bomb, Safe Ride, CSI.


Today was a beautiful day. CSI and Safe Ride welcomed the PAX to F3. The mission statement, disclaimer, and 5 core principles were given. Then we mosied over to do the Warma Rama. 

Warma Rama excercises were 15 side stradle hops, 15 sober sungods forward and 15 backwards, then 15 chinooks forward and backward, 15 toe touches and then wrapped up Warma Rama with 15 hill billies. 

The Beat Down was that the PAX broke up into 7 groups of 4 guys each.  Each group was assigned a soccer cone to protect.  If, their cone was knocked over then their group had to run a lap. There was also one cone in the middle of the field and if that got knocked over, then everyone had to do 10 burpees.   Initially we started the soccer game with one soccer ball, but that was not challenging enough so we moved onto 3 soccer balls.  The guys defending the soccer cones had to do different exercises when their cone was not being attacked.  Every 3-4 minutes of the activity, activiy was stopped to do different exercises (10 reps each in cadence). They went as follows merkins, LBC’s, copperhead squats, hand release merkins, wide merkins, box cutters and monkey humpers.  The center cone was knocked over a few times for enjoyable burpees by all.

After the main thrill we went back to the flags were we did round of mary: Homer and Marges, Freddy Mercuries, Bicycle Kicks and 52 American Hammers.  After the round of mary we huddled up, did name o rama, had prayers and announcements, and ended with a circle of trust.

Thanks guys for allowing me to lead today.  I enjoyed it.


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