F3 The Maize backlblast: Wide Right in The Rain (10/10/19)

PAX- 18 Armbar, Blue Suede, Hard Hat, Bubbles, The Plague, Tonight Show, Othello, Venus, Wait Time, FNG Thomas (Welcome), Jean Claude, Lemon Law, Hard Hat, Mufasa, Khakis, Uncle Rico, FNG Fuse Box (welcome), Ethanol, TatorTot

Armbar welcomes the group and gives the mission statement with a little help. The core principles are shared and a reminder is thrown out that we are in a neighborhood so keep the voices respectful.


A decent mosey through the neighborhood with a stop at the island and to let the 6 catch up. With an arm bar workout out the PAX does stance and motion with their Al Gore’s.

12 SSH

12 String Rippers

12 tator taps

10 sun gods forward/back

20 air squats

Finish Mosey back to the basketball court Plank 10 count 3x then chill cut 10 count 3x around the circle.

7 IC Merkin trio-Ranger/regular/werking with right hand and then left

The Thang

Open Tryouts

Small mosey

With the huskers kicking problems the PAX is holding open tryouts for the kicker position, I don’t have full confirmation from Coach Frost but think whomever wins is in at Nebraska. Each round 3 HIMS will get a chance to kick an extra point or a 20 yard field goal. Depending on how many kicks are made the PAX must do an down and back using a different movements. While waiting for for the kick Tator Tot stepped up as the leader he is and had the PAX do different exercises. It is noted that Hard Hat has a chance for the scholarship if he still has eligibility. 2-2 is pretty good. Side note the rain affected a lot of kicks this morning. But no excuses were made.

0 made=10 yard duck walk

1 made=20 yard walking lunges

2 made=30 yard frog jumps

3 made=40 yard run


25 box cutters

25 low dolleys

25 scissor kicks with some sort of hand push

25 American hammers


Rain was pretty heavy at this point.

Announcements and prayer request followed by Name-O-Rama. Welcome Thomas and Fuse Box. With the special event we had at Heavy Metal we reflected on the power of this group. It is the small victories that lead to the large gains. Waffle House needed many small victories to get back to the point where he could join the PAX. It should be inspiration for us to win those small victories in our life to make the gains we need to get to where we are going. Very grateful that we have this group to help us out.


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