Heavy Metal Backblast: #WaffleStrong

Wednesday October 9, 2019 | Stinson Park AO | Heavy Metal | 55 degrees and clear

PAX: Short Stack, Specimen, (FNG – Ed) Crumpets, Firewalker, The Plague, Tater Tot, Selleck, Slow Roast, Baby Grand, Ponzi, Sasquash, Tonight Show, Honey Badger, FDIC, Rancid, Arm Bar, Smashmouth, Polaroid, Greek Freak, Blue Chip, Thor, Blue Suede, Honey Stinger, Tenderfoot, Crawl, No Doze, Othello, Barn Door, Big One, Ethanol, Blue Shot, Biggie Smalls, Buttermaker (FNG – Brandon), Stella, Toad Stool, Clorox, Crocs, OMT, Caddyshack, Roll Bar, Borland, Bubbles, Huffy, Brazilian, Hard Hat, Jean Claude, Hightower, Betamax, Tuna Fish, Slow Pitch, Pablo, Safe Ride, Cyclone, Uncle Rico, Room Service, Lucky Charms, Bunyon (FNG – Brad), Chiclets, Squidward, Gunner, Vandelay, Comrade (FNG – Mike), Dufresne, Swinger, Stretch, TC, Lemon Law, Gumbo, Tin Cup, Samples, Mufasa, Wentworth, White Claw, Khakis, Folsom, Wait Time, and WAFFLE HOUSE.
QICs: Waffle House, Folsom and Wait Time.

Wait Time, Folsom and 74 other PAX welcomed WAFFLE HOUSE to the gloom. We never do ordinary, but it was a truly extraordinary day. As always, Waffle House acknowledged the welcome with his million dollar smile. Little did he know, he actually inspired the PAX in F3 Philadelphia to smile in their post-workout mugshot. #Wafflestrong exists across F3Nation.

YHC covered the F3 Mission Statement and Folsom shared the disclaimer. He acknowledged this was almost a record number of PAX for his AO, Heavy Metal. No one sure if his math is that bad, or he is delusional. We counted off in groups of four so we could move to the four stations of the THANG. T-claps to the 77 PAX who set an F3Omaha record for a single workout.


Seal Claps x 20 IC | Sun Gods x 10 IC (each direction) | Chinooks x 10 IC (each direction) | Cherry Pickers x 20 IC | Low Dolly (on Waffle House’s “OPEN”) x 15 | GRRR…HAPPY (courtesy of Tater Tot)

THANG: 25 Carat Griddle

The PAX divided into four groups for the four rotating stations. Each exercise required 25 reps. Upon completing the five exercises at a station, the group rotated to the next station. All exercises were completed with a weight or coupon.

STATION #1 “SUNNY SIDE UP”: American Hammer, Full Body Crunch, Gas Pumpers, LBCs, and Big Boy Sit-ups.

STATION #2 “MY LEGS FEEL WAFFLE”: Cusack Squats, Deadlifts, Side Lunges, Turkish Get-ups, Hydraulic Squat.

STATION #3 “WAFFLE IRON“: T-Bar Merkins, Table Press, Bent Rows, Kettle Bell Swings, Upright Row.

STATION #4 “WAFFLE HOUSE!”: This station designated as the Waffle House special. All exercises led by our HIM. Curls, Upright Row, Shrugs, Tricep Extension, Military Press.

Groups completed all four stations and moved over to 6MOM.

Marge and Homer | ABCs | Low Dolly (Waffle House Special)


Borland. Borland requested prayers for his son, Sawyer (F3 – King Boo).
Pablo. Prayers for Pablo’s mother, who is undergoing heart surgery on Friday.

Waffle House led the COT. Waffle House expressed his gratitude for the PAX and encouraged them to lean on their brothers in fellowship. We are not individuals. Instead we are a body of men – together we are stronger.

On behalf of Waffle House & Folsom,

It was a morning we will never forget – EXTRAORDINARY!
Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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