October 8, 2019 | AO – Wild Kingdom | Lake Zorinsky Park | 56°

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Q: The Plague

The Plague welcomed 18 PAX to a gorgeous morning at Wild Kingdom. Reminded PAX that he and The Plague are not professionals and to modify exercises as needed. Mission of F3 to plant, serve and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.


  • SSH 20 IC
  • Squat Jumps 20 on up
  • Sun gods 20 IC (10 each direction)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers 15 IC
  • Jump tucks 10 on up


PAX moseyed to what YHC thought was a parking lot but was indeed just a grassy hill…circuit training began. Placebo mumble chatter about The Plague’s creativity.

  • High Knees 10 IC
  • Chillcut 10 seconds
  • Chillcut Plank Jacks 10 IC
  • Rocket Launchers 10 each leg
  • Chillcut 10 seconds
  • Down Dog Butt Kicks 10 each leg
  • Merkins 20 on down

PAX Moseyed back up the hill to parking lot for 21’s with Burpees and Bobby Hurley’s executed in a line-drill fashion.

The Plague called Omaha and the PAX joined back together by the shovel flags for mary


  • Kobe Bryant’s 15 IC
  • Low Dollies 15 on open
  • Scissors 15 IC
  • Slow Motion Freddie Mercuries 15 IC
  • American Hammers 15 IC


  • The Plague discussed the power of silence
    • Mother Theresa – What do you say when you pray to God “Mostly I just listen”. What does God say back to you? “Mostly He just listens”.
    • When we spend time in silence listening to God, we are more likely to be in tune with His will for our lives
    • Abide daily meditation app is a good resource for scripture-based meditation
  • TAPS – continue to pray for all our F3 brothers who are injured or unable to attend workouts due to other circumstances
    • 10/9/2019 – Waffle House CONVERGENCE at Stinson Park
    • Tonight Show closed out in prayer
  • Coffeteria/3rdF at Starbucks


The Plague

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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