10/8/19 Cornhusker Handicap Backblast

Don’t let fear prevent you from accomplishing great things and inspire someone!

AO- Cornhusker, Omaha, NE

Q- Slow Pitch

17 PAX: Tater Tot, Bubbles (Hate), Ponzi, Peak-A-Boo, Jean Claude, Smashmouth, Tube Socks, Firewalker, Polaroid, OMT, Cyclone, Huffy, Folsom, Lucky Charms, Honey Stinger, T.C. (Respect), Slow Pitch

How the Gloom got started:  Pre-run for a couple PAX members, one in particular had to cut it short and lost his shirt in a Porto-Potty. Interesting way to start the day, but T-Claps to Huffy, not letting that moment negatively impact, the rest of his morning.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3:

Slow Pitch nailed his only personal goal of the morning and had the F3 mission statement memorized, after almost 6 months of participation and practice.


The PAX was shoved immediately into an Indian Run, around Pacific Life building and garage, to the circle up at the swings.

At the swings, Slow Pitch struggled with basic speaking and English skills. Jumping into exercises without proper notification or stating, “The next exercise is…Starting position move or in cadence.” This had the PAX on their heels from the beginning and created noticeable mumble chatter and looks of puzzlement. Synchronization was immediately lost but didn’t halt forward progress.

No reflection of cadence, exercises:  Sungods: 15 Each direction (Michael Jackson style – one glove), MJ SSH: Not IC 17, MJ Imperial Walkers: Not IC 10

Slow Pitch isn’t certain what went on here:  MJ 10 Walkout Merkins

Whoa, now lots Mumble Laughter

Count off into two groups.

The Thang, Explain below:


Two groups one to Mosey to stage and the other to Benches by Tower.  Every time passing stage during the mosey, must do 10 hand release Merkins and 10 E and K sit-ups (Slow Pitch was informed these are E 2 K’s), each side, PAX together.

If ever waiting for the other group, SSH together until group is finished.

Tower Benches (SE Benches): 

Round 1: 15 Derkins, 20 Sumo Squats (Demonstrated properly by Honey Stinger after Slow Pitches failure to provide proper technique) – Bear crawl to Picnic Benches

Round 2: 15 Diamond Merkins, 20 Box/Jump-ups – Bear crawl to Picnic Benches

Round 3: 15 Merkin, 20 Alternating Lunges with Bench – Bear crawl to Picnic Benches

         Picnic Benches (NE Benches): 

Round 1: 15 Incline Merkins, 20 alternating step ups – Mosey to stage- 10 HR Merks, 10 E2K’s each side together, Mosey to Tower Benches

Round 2: 15 Ranger Merkins, 20 LBC’s with feet on bench – Mosey to stage- 10 HR Merks, 10 E2K’s each side together, Mosey to Tower Benches

Round 3:  15 Werkins, 20 Dips – Mosey to stage – 10 HR Merks, 10 E2K’s each side together, Mosey to Tower Benches

Rinse and repeated one and a third times, then Omaha was called to circle up for Mary back at swings.


20 Marge/Homers, 17 Flutter Kicks and 23 American Hammers (Lead by TC MJ style)

COT:  Namarama


Waffle House convergence on Wednesday on Pacific Life Parking Garage.

Slow Pitch’s, windy, COT message was to face your fears and not have them prevent you from amazing things.  Slow Pitch was afraid of Merkins and that fear delayed his entry into the F3 Fellowship.  Ultimately, being told by his brothers Tater Tot and Bubbles that we don’t do many Merkins in F3 (both of them are actively working on being more honest), then posting for his first beatdown, it was a Merkin-a-palooza. Then being assured that his next posting at Paradise would be all Mosey, but instead it was Merkin-a-palooza 2.  Getting through these two beatdowns helped SP face his fears and helped accelerate his love for F3.  Slow Pitch’s Q was based entirely around his fears and exercises he dislikes (Hand releases and Bear Crawls are in the top five least favorite).

This would not have happened without two people providing inspiration to him (Thank you Bubbles and Tater Tot!)

This led into the questions:

Who inspires you?  Why?  How?  Their words, their actions?

Do you inspire others?  How?  Are you of action or word?

What are you going to do to inspire those within view of you?

Slow Pitch challenged the PAX to inspire others by their humble actions and asking others how they can be of service. Perhaps, by inspiring someone you can help them face their fears.

Please be inspiring today and mindful of how you can impact the guy next to you!

Humbled by getting to lead amazing HIMs – Slow Pitch

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