The Woodshed Backblast: Out With The Old, In With The New

Elmwood Park|The Woodshed AO|10/4/19|CHILLY outside

PAX: Tater Tot, OMT, Rice-a-Roni, Pony Express, STELLA!, Samples, Bubbles, Honey Stinger, Arm Bar, Hard Hat, Cyclone, Smashmouth, Huffy, Gumbo, Room Service, Guppy, Othello, Bloodshot

Q: Honey Badger & Ponzi


Ponzi & Honey Badger welcomed everyone to today’s CONVERGENCE!

Intro, Mission Statment & Disclaimer were given. PAX were informed they were about to discover what you get when you combine a Ponzi & a Honey Badger? Answer: A BEATDOWN FOR THE AGES! Ponzi noted the PAX looked cold so we would just get warm quickly and start right where we were in the parking lot.


5 Rounds of SSHB. What is SSHB? A made-up Ponzi exercise. See below

(5 SSH IC 1 Burpee, 5 SSH IC + 2 Burpees, etc.)

10 Tater Taps IC

10 Tappy Taps IC

10 Hand Release Merkins OMD

10 Pickle Pushers. Ponzi remarked it had “been a while” since he’d done that….meaning the EXERCISE. Tater Tot’s mind went elsewhere.

Mosey to the stairs by the soccer field…

Honey Badger’s Pre-Thang:

-Hold Banana-1 minute – lots of awkward silence and mumble chatter here.

-Hold low dolly position 1 minute

-high plank-2 minutes

-chill cut (10 seconds each around the circle of PAX)

-20 Half burpees 

The Thang:

***IPC is over. It was a fun competition but F3 is about looking out for the 6, the camaraderie, friendship, encouraging each other. So did today’s exercises as a team. 

2 TEAM grinder, 1 group ran stairs, the other performed the listed exercise TOGETHER. The group performing the listed exercises were the Timer/Push group NOT the stairs group. Stairs group had to run stairs until relieved.

Round 1: 20 TEMPO Hand Release Merkins
Round 2: 15 Burpees IC AS A GROUP (No one cares how fast you can do a burpee this week, sorry IPC)

Round 3: 30 Monkey Humpers IC
Round 4: 45 Merkins

***OMAHA! OMAHA! We didn’t make it all the way through but here’s what was supposed to be next….

3 Rounds of 15 Jump Tucks 

50 Air Squats 

(Recommend doing 2 sets of 25)

35 Carolina Dry Docks – On My Down

15 Burpees IC

30 Copperhead Squats 

6 MoM:

Circle of PAX doing American Hammers. Everyone counted x3 IC (21 guys total = 63 Hammers IC!)


  • Announcements:
    1. CONVERGENCE next Wednesday at Stinson Park, top floor of the parking garage for Wafflehouse’s Return! He’s coming for a Heavy Metal beatdown. Bring weights! Recommend 10-20lbs.
    2. Friday lunch at Westroads Mall
    3. CSAUP December 1st. More details to come. Ask Bubbles or Khakis
  • Ponzi attempted to make a short speech about how F3 is about encouraging guys to lead in life, workouts, at home, etc. and to give guys various opportunities to do so. The leadership style isn’t setup for one guy to hold onto his leadership position forever (i.e. site Q). It’s about passing the torch and letting the next man have a chance to take over. Honey Badger is going to make a terrific site Q for The Woodshed. He’s a true HIM and just an all-around great guy who leads well. Ponzi then passed it over to Honey Badger to take over.
  • Badger discussed the podcast Impact Theory and how success doesn’t necessarily require a greater level of intelligence. Just hard work over a long period of time.

Badger and I truly appreciate all of you and your friendship. Thanks for coming out today guys! And to you Golden Spike Traitors…Badger forgives you but Ponzi does not.


Honey Badger & Ponzi

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