10/01/19- Wild Kingdom – Search for the Great Pumpkin

PAX: 12 – Wait Time, Uncle Rico, Roll Bar, Safe Ride, Mufasa, Placebo, Hard Hat, Crocs, Trax, Barn Door, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes

Q- Crab Cakes

After the disclaimer and mission, we take  a short mosey to the dock parking lot for warm-o-rama

  • SSH, Cherry Pickers, Tapy Taps, and Sobriety Sun gods

To finish loosening up we go over to the pavilion for a picnic table pre-thang
Bench Jump(1-table jump), Dips, 1 legged squats, and Derkins.  The Pax completed 2 rounds of this routine.   

The Thang
Now that we are good and loose we mosey to the pumpkin patch in search of the great pumpkin.  We find a pet( pumpkin coupon) and work out while waiting for the great pumpkin. The Pax breaks into 4 groups with group 1 being the push group

  • Station 1- 50 squats, 40 walking lunges, Bolt 45
  • Station 2- AMRAP: Lung w/ a twist, Calf raises, Duck walk
  • Station 3 AMRAP: Overhead press, curls, skull crushers
  • Station 4 AMRAP: Flutter kicks, Big boy sit ups, V-ups 

After completing the 3rd rotation we take our pet back to the parking lot for 6MOM

Once back at the flag the PAX circled up for a quick 6MOM

  1. Catalina Wine Mixers x 10 IC
  2. Plank Jacks- 20 IC each side
  3. American Hammer X 20 IC

Some quick announcements about a blood drive if you are interested contact Seleck or Wait Time.  VQ Thursday Pony Express, and T-Claps Safe ride for using GPS to find us out west. The Q then encourages the Pax to take time with friends and family this fall to do something fun, like carving your new pet, a quick prayer and the Pax was out.  We did not find the great pumpkin but everyone took home a new pet to spend quality time with their kids or loved ones by carving. Happy Halloween

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