On Thursday, October 3 a herd of 25 PAX saddled up to join Pony Express’ VQ. At the announcement of “5:30” the Herd let out visceral cheers, a round of applause, and multiple horse noises. This group came ready to ride.  The Herd then moseyed in two single file lines up and to the flower garden to start our Warm-a-Rama. The idea of the single file lines was to force newer PAX to interact with OG PAX (sometimes on moseys new guys don’t talk to anyone) and Pony also thought it would look sweet when we branched off in separate directions through the flower garden.

PAX: Tater Tot, Ponzi, The Plague, Honey Stinger, Honey Badger, Wise Guy, No Doze, Slow Pitch, High Tower, Safe Ride, Lucky Charms, Bruce Lee (Greensboro, NC guest), Manscape (FNG), Jean Claude, Polaroid, Blue Suede, Chicklets (Respect), Clorox, Twin Peaks, Toadstool, Othello, Room Service, Arm Bar, Firewalker, and Pony Express.

Warm-a-Rama: – Successfully completed all exercises IC without mishap. Tater Tot, Ponzi, and No Doze helped remind me of the next exercise by yelling them out. Thanks boys.   

Side Straddle Hop (20 IC)

Sun Gods (10 each way IC)

Cherry Pickers (15 IC)

Air Squats (20 on Down)

Plank Jacks (15 IC)

Mountain Climbers (10 IC)

The Thang (Downhill Stampede) – The Herd were separated into teams of two. The Stampede was designed to have one team member running up the stairs and subsequently bear crawling down the grass hill while the other team member worked toward a total number of reps for a particular exercise. Once the first team member returned he picked up where his teammate left off and the team would progress to the next exercise on the list. Still undecided if starting off with the harder exercises such as burpees was a great idea, it certainly got a few neighs and chatter from the Herd. A few groups were actually able to rinse and repeat the exercise on account of Arm Bar’s hellaciously fast bear crawls. Eventually the Stampede concluded with the call of Omaha.

List of Exercises done until runner returned:

Burpees (75)

Bobby Hurley’s (100)

Carolina Drydocks (150)

Lunges (200)

LBC’s (250 Not IC)

Freddy Mercury (300 Not IC)



Convergence at Heavy Metal next Wednesday, Oct. 9 for Waffle House. No Paradise Island that morning.

Pre-order for the OG F3Omaha shirt is up on Mudgear website until October 15. In addition, design contest for new shirt is open until Oct. 15.

CSAUP scheduled for December 1. Tclaps to May/December co-Qs Bubbles and Khakis.

Lucky Charms announced benefit at Kros Strain for Nebraska Children’s Home Society on October 11, 5-9 pm. nchs.org

Blood drive October 18. Get a free slice after at Big Fred’s.

After announcements Pony Express led a discussion about contentment and what it means to be content. Being content is recognizing and appreciating the blessing in your life today. Talked about making sure that the Herd isn’t comparing themselves to the successes of Tom Brady, and more importantly not getting in a habit of continuously goal setting and chasing the next thing without appreciating the steps/accomplishments along the way. Challenged the Herd to think of 3 blessings in their lives and to be give thanks and be grateful for those things. Closed with a quick prayer over the Herd.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead and for supporting my VQ. I cannot express how smooth it went thanks to the mentorship of Tater Tot. I think that if all VQ’s have someone reaching out like Tater Tot then all of them will be a great success.

Giddy Up,

Pony Express.

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