Saturday September 28, 2019 | The Pit | Halleck Park AO | Sunny and 52 degrees
PAX: Gipper, Lemon Law, Safe Ride, Maurice, Stretch, Tadpole, Sourdough, Folsom, Tenderfoot, Gunner, Beta Max and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time
PAX met at the shovel flag in Halleck Park on a cool Fall morning. YHC reviewed the F3 Mission Statement and covered the disclaimer before leading the PAX on a mosey through the park.

SSH x 20 IC | Shoulder Taps x 20 IC | Chinooks x 12 IC | Sun Gods x 12 IC | Cherry Pickers x 12 IC | Copperhead Squats x 30 IC | Clock Merkins x 10 (12-3-6-9 o’clock)

PAX moseyed through the park with a few pit stops for the Pre-Thang.

#SHUFFLIN: Pax circled up in a squat position and shuffled in the direction called by the Q. Essentially, “shufflin” is a basketball defensive slide drill.

Silent But Deadly SSH: YHC called the cadence on SSH to “6” and PAX then were required to do a silent cadence to 20. If all the PAX hit 20 in sync, then we did not have to do five burpees. We were not “NSYNC” so this boy-band did five burpees.

Plank Hurdles: PAX divided into two teams of six and completed 40 yards of Plank hurdles.

Balls to the Wall: PAX stopped at shelter house for two rounds of BTTW x 30 count. Between sets, YHC led the PAX in Bulgarian Split Squats (10 each leg) using the picnic tables.

Pax finally arrived at the Thang and found a pile of sandbags. Partners completed a grinder. Partner A ran across the field and did 5 burpees, while Partner B began the following exercises (AMRAP). When Partner A returned from the burpees, they flap-jacked. The following exercises were completed with the Sand Bags (Bags Full of Goodness):
Cusack Squats | Uneven Merkins | Big-Boy Sit-ups | Lunge with Twist | Overhead Press | American Hammer | Deadlifts | Full Body Crunch | Curls | Kettle Bell Swing

YHC informed the PAX of the good news/bad news of 6MOM – the good news – there would be only one exercise….the bad news – it was Captain Thor.

1 BB Sit up: 4 American Hammers. The PAX completed Captain Thor to 4 BB: 20 American Hammers. A total of 10 BB Sit ups and 60 American Hammers.

Nebraska Marathon honoring Lowman’s daughter, Coco. Tomorrow, PAX are encouraged to run a 5K, Half-Marathon or Marathon to honor Lowman’s daughter, Colette. All proceeds from the run support pediatric cancer support.
Pick up the Six/Mental Battle. PAX are encouraged to be aware of the men around them and the mental battles that they are facing. Recently, there have been a number of men in the Omaha community that have taken their life. We want to support our fellow brothers of the gloom.

YHC shared how F3 is a bag full of goodness if you intentionally fill the bag with all the good things that it may bring to your life. I was not always someone who did that. For the first several months, I simply went to F3 workouts in Greensboro and went on to my day without contributing to the Second and Third F. It was only later that I discovered the goodness that F3 can bring to someone’s life. It is really up to the man to put that goodness into his life. It is a choice. For every 1% of your life you put into F3, it repays you 10x.

YHC ended with a prayer.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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