On a perfectly perfect Friday, September 27 morning 21 PAX stepped back 30 years and were greeted to the theme music from the first film of the popular 80’s movie trilogy, Back to the Future.  It took a couple of “Good Mornings!” to wake this group and after a shout out to a some recent FNG’s (Trax and Pele) we were off to a mosey up to a very lit upper level newly poured parking lot that was not on the cozy surface of Burke’s football field.  There was mumble chatter already referencing to a recent Plague Q at The Colosseum and not utilizing the plush field and hopes that would not be the case today….  

PAX: Big One, Biggy Smalls, Placebo, Trax, Mufasa, Tonight Show, Vandelay, Tin Cup, The Curse, No Doze, Hard Hat, FDIC, Saul, TC (21 Respect!), Slow Pitch, Honey Badger, Brazilian, Room Service, Pele, Wait Time and Tater Tot.  

Warm-a-Rama: – Attempted to do all warm a rama exercises in reverse cadence as well as having the PAX count backwards from the total reps given.  This worked about as well as trying to run a marathon holding your breath.  Nice work Tater Tot.  It definitely shut down the side conversations off as the amount of concentration it took to count backwards from 25 at 5:30am proved to be at Einstein level of intelligence.  So was countingdown from 3 for Tater Tot….  This was halted after four attempts.  

Side Straddle Hop – 25 BC (Backward Cadence)

Reverse Lunges – 20 BC

Reverse Tempo Air Squats – 20 BC

Superman Delorean – 20 IC (This was to imitate the doors of the famous car in Back to the Future opening and shutting and we were now doing regular style cadence.  Thank God)

Reverse Tempo Merkins 20 IC

Pickle Pointers – 20 IC

The Thang (Backward and Forward) – After a count off of 6 groups, the PAX made a mosey back to the beloved field and found a cone to stand next to.  Groups were instructed to complete their choice of one of the listed exercises (AMRAP for about a minute) in any order they chose while one member of their group did a forward and backward run starting at the goal line forward running to the 10, backward to goal line, 20 then back, 30 then back, 20 then back, 10 then back.  This was all done to the best hits of the 80’s which consisted of Huey Lewis and The News, Chuck Berry, Dire Straits, The Cars, Tears of Fears and Madonna (this got awkward and beyond hysterical when Slow Pitch mumbled chatted a few of his attached memories of old to Tears of Fear and Madonna.  Saul could no longer do a Merkin with the amount of laughter) .  Omaha was eventually called.  

Choice of Exercises done AMRAP until runner returned:

Monkey Humpers


Plank Jacks


Mary/Flux Capacitor – Tater Tot constructed his best version of the Flux Capacitor to try and take the PAX back to 1955 or 1989.  PAX lined up starting on the goal line on their six in a zipper line fashion with their legs 90 degrees off the ground creating a tunnel for one member to crawl bear their way backwards 30 years to the end of the line.  Tater Tot originally thought about using the 1.21 gigawatts theory of energy to go 121 yards but quickly realized 50 yards would be the resting point to finish Mary.  The hip flexors were wrecked.  1) Flux Capacitor – 50 yards of 90 degree leg holds with crawl bears2) Reverse Crunch3) American Hammer – 52 in reverse cadence.  Disaster and beyond painful


After a plethora of announcements and prayers Tater Tot combined his “Sometimes you need to go backwards to move forwards” and prayer.  Listen to the voice that is inside your heart and mind to help guide you when you perhaps are headed down the wrong path.  Although we are not able to really go back in time to change our future, we do have the power to change decisions in the now and utilize the strength of our F3 brothers to choose the right or better path for ourselves, families and friends for our future.  

Thank you for letting me lead this amazing group of men.  Aye!

Tater Tot

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