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PAX:  Huffy,  Firewalker,  Blue Suede, Honey  Stinger, Sfe Ride, Smples(Respect),  Blood Shot, FNG Emeril(Welcome), Blood  Shot, Peekbo, Lifestyle, OMT, Smash Mouth,  Ponzi, Bubbles, Gumbo, Lucky Charms, The Plague, Folsom,  Betmx, Othello 

VQ:  Armbr 

Welcomed  the group  with reminder  that I am not a professional,  But kind of because I teach PE)  nd to modify, Hit the 5 core principles and  struggled through the mission statement with help  from Plague and Bubbles 


Ran A  medium mosey  round the park 

15  SSH->  10 Sting  Rippers IC  -> 10 Sun Gods  both directions IC  -> 5 Wolverines 

Then  added little  Stance and Motion  for some wrestling  flir. Safe Ride with he  take down on Ponzi. Boys  re feeling the vibe. 

The  Thang “Catch  us if you can” 

PAX  group  up in groups  of 3 by size and build.    3 rounds of 6 minute goes (Length of    wrestling match) Partner A is hitting 3 seprte  exercises while B&C re doing some sort of partner  carry work cross the field and back. When A is done they  run up to the group. Then B does the exercises nd A&C does  the buddy work. Rinse and Repeat. 

  • Round  1: Buddy  Work-> Piggy  back or fireman  Carry -> 12 Merkins->Plank  Jacks>Clf Rises 
  • Round  2: Buddy  Work-> Bernie  Lowmx (Dedman Drg)  ->10 Crolin Dry Dock ->Mountain     Climbers -> Monkey Hummers 
  • Round  3: Buddy  Work -> Wheelbarrows  -> 10 Moroccn Night Clubs  -> Crab Jacks -> Sumo Squats Overtime:  Stalking-A stance and motion walk for 25  yards and mosey back.  


  • Domestic  Marge and homers:    
  • Partner  leg throw  downs 10 center,  left and right.
  • 5  Buddy  sit ups:    Partner is on  the ground on ll  4ʼs then you sit on  their back facing backwards and hook  into the thighs with you feet. Sit  back to the ground with your head and back  up. Modify: 20 Big Boiʼs Americn Hammers:  37 (same number of points Westside scored on Prep  last year) 


  • Trust  through  Action: Buddy  activities require    level or trust to have  another man carry your weight.    While researching trust is ws sd  to see the amount of negative quotes  surrounding this concept. Finally I found the quote  “Trust occurs when action speaks louder than words” that  is what F3 is all bout. The HIMʼs re men of actions and that is  why the trust is so high in the group. 
  • The  support  and actions  of these men  is what made this  VQ memory that I wonʼt  soon forget. -Armbr

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