HEAVY METAL BACKBLAST: Encouragement 8/14/19

PAX, 11.  Stella, G.U.T., Squid Word, Peekaboo, Brazilian, Bloodshot, Baby Grand, Safe Ride, Roll Bar, Folsom


Weather:  Cool, like the Duke.  

Purpose. Disclaimer. Core Values. And words of wisdom “Exercise is a celebration of what the body can do” … while running in place, pumping those arms.  We use ALL of the time we have to move our selves!  


  • Jog in place (while we covered the administrative stuff)
    • Pump arms, knees up, butt-kickers
  • Head rotate, Hip Rotate.
  • Sobriety Sun-Gods + Chinooks – 10 reps each direction.
    • One pushup for every toe that touches the ground… (as a group, total touches – most was 7).
  • Skip Kicks – low & high, punch your toes.
  • Second set: Sobriety Sun-Gods + Chinooks. Same penalties…

THANG: 3 sets.  15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps each.  Keep the weights in your hands the whole time!

  1. Merkin.
  2. Bent over row.
  3. Romanian Dead Lift.
  4. Squat.
  5. Up-Right Row.
  6. Regular curls.
  7. Arnold Press.
  8. Overhead Triceps.
  9. Hammer cross-curl.
  10. Squat + Dead Lift + Overhead Press (one big movement).

Grab an F3 Coupon buddy and haul ass around the obelisk. 

Repeat next set of 10, then 5. Run carrying coupon in between.    

12 MoM.  

  1. Plank-to-Chillcut and repeat (oktar things…)
  2. Plank with rotating hip dips
  3. Big Boy Flutter Kicks (flutter kicks but really big ones!)
  4. Homer/Marge
  5. X-cross (lay flat on ground arms out, legs spread – touch right hand to outside of left foot – alternate hand/foot – repeat – four count)
  6. Toe touches
  7. Plank-Spider Man
  8. Plank-1 leg up, knee in. alternate
  9. Big Boy sit up
  10. John Wick

Circle of Trust:

Encouragement: “to pour into someone else’s heart”   to inspire. To give hope. To literally, GIVE COURAGE. To GIVE HEART.

  • Encouragement can come from anyone – sometimes least expected.
  • Uncommon circumstances inspire us to give each other courage.
  • Pray to find those that need encouragement – and be open to receive it from others when they give it to us.  
  • Pray for encouragement – and see our healthy bodies as vessels for us to do some fun, celebration – of what we are able to do.
  • Keep accelerating!

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