August 21, 2019//Stinson Park Garage//AO- Heavy Metal//74 degrees thunderstorms//

Pax: Pony Express (Hate!) Ponzi, Bloodshot, Stella, Guppy, Squidward, Weight time, Baby Grand, TC(Respect!), Folsom. Hard Hat and Greek Freak

Q: Greek Freak

Warm O’ Rama

  • Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20.
  • Sun Gods ICx10 forwards and backwards(Small and big)
  • Tappy Taps

The Thang:

Did combinations of different lifts while resting in between with some sort of abs or back strengthening. REPEAT. Then, move on to another combination of new lifts. Did 5 Total combinations of different body parts with little rest for the duration.

1st (Chest/ Up Right Rows) 2X

  • 50 Merkins (20 regular, 10 narrow, 10 diamond and 10 wide)
  • 20 High Pulls

Rest between Super sets: 20 LBC’s, 20 Big Boy sit ups and 20 ankle touches

2nd  (Shoulders) 2X

  • 15 Military Press
  • 15 Military press
  • 10-3 way raises(Side Raise, Forward Raise and Reverse Fly Raise)

Rest between super sets: 20 Leg Extensions, 20 Flutter Kicks, 20 ankle touches

3rd (Legs) 2X

  • 20 Dumbbell squats
  • 10 lunges each leg

Rest between super sets: 20 American Hammer, 20 V-ups, 20 Ankle Touches

4th (Arms) 2X

  • 20 Close grip Curls, 10 wide grip
  • 20 Triceps Over Head, 10 single arm extensions

Rest between super sets: 20 Leg and arms extensions, 30 Elbow to knees, 20 Ankle Touches

5th (Traps/ RDL’s) 2X

  • 20 Shrugs
  • 20 Romanian Dead Lifts(RDL’s)

Bonus: 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 20 Bicep curls, 20 overhead Triceps extensions

Announcements/ Prayers: Waffle House Update and Sunday Gathering.

COT: Greek Freak did a count off and Name-O-Rama. Talked about the importance of discipleship. Gave the definition of a disciple as someone who is a follower or student of a teacher. Continued to discuss how being a follower of Christ shapes everything he does. We all need to think of ways we can disciple others in some way or another. We also need to have the humility to be discipled by others. The balance of leading others and also allowing yourself to be lead is important to have in life. F3 is a great opportunity to invite others in to be lead and also be lead by others. Please continue to pursue inviting others into F3, as the fitness is the tip of the iceberg of what this group is about.

Aye- Greek Freak!

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