Back Blast 8/22/19- The Maize We’re going to the Zoo

PAX: 8 Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Tuna Fish, Jean Claude, Mufasa , Slow Roast, Wait Time, and Crab Cakes

Q- Crab Cakes


After the disclaimer and mission, we take a longer mosey to the basketball courts by going towards the lake and around.  Stopping halfway for Warm-a-Rama we do 25 each:

 SSH, Cherry Pickers, Tapy Taps, and Windmills

We then head back towards the zoo(basketball court) but first have to stop at the ATM’s for cash.  The Pax completes 10 reps of each exercise 3 sets total for a little pre-thang.  Apparently, tempo Merkins get you a nice Thank you from the PAX

The Thang

Now that we are good and loose and have money for the zoo we split up into 4 groups and head to each corner of the zoo. With corner 1 being the push each group waiting till they were released by the previous group.  Each corner has 3 rounds so we can see the whole zoo 3 times.

 Corner 1- 30ea then bear Crawl to next station
o Monkey Humpers, Killer Rabbits, Seal Jacks
 Corner 2 AMRAP then Alligator Merkin to next station
o Dying Cockroach, Crab Cakes, Crunchy Frogs
 Corner 3 AMRAP then Duck walk to next station
o Gorilla Humpers, Crab Jacks, Scorpion Dry Docks
 Corner 4 AMRAP then Crawl Bear to next station
o Copper-head Squats, Monkey Humpers, Zebra Butt Kicks

After a partial rotation the Q wisely modified to group 1 yelling push after completing their reps for all groups to rotate after groans of some stations being too long.  Since I don’t own or wear a watch Hard Hat helps with Time and we call Omaha after finishing the second round, hey we can always go back to the zoo on your own to finish out your 3rd trip around the zoo.


Once back at the flag the PAX circled up and Al-gored to the 6 just in case the legs were not tired enough from seeing all the animals at the zoo.  Then we get on our six for 6MOM

 Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
 E2K- 15 IC each side
 American Hammer X 25 IC


Some quick announcements about a Birthday Bash for our brother Waffle House this Saturday please RSVP with Wait Time by Friday, and Baby Squash joins us so a special shout out to Sa-Squash hope we see you back soon.  We ended with a quick circle of trust with a reminder of not getting too busy at work to be present with your family so after this fun exercise I think I’ll take my daughter to the Zoo tomorrow.

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