The Wild Kingdom: “Giraffes CAN Dance”

On Tuesday, August 20, 16 PAX made their way into the damp Kingdom jungle (Lake Zorinsky) on a dark and steamy (200 degree feel temp) summer morning. Tater Tot gave a warm welcome, greeted two FNG’s and reminded the PAX if they needed a drink to take sips from their partners dripping shirt… At that point it got real. 

PAX: Wait Time, Rollbar, Lemon Law, Dr. Suess, Big One, Guppy (FNG), Lowman, Daniel Son (HATE!), Room Service, Crocs, Tonight Show, Bubbles (HATE!), Hard Hat, Mufasa (FNG), Slow Pitch and Tater Tot. 

Warm-a-runna: – Ran around the circle grass area.  We would stop about everyone 100 yards and do an exercise and quickly continue on the mosey.   There seemed to be a decent amount of morning chatter going on.  

Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

Tappy Taps – 12 IC

Plank Jacks – 20 IC

Pre Thang – I asked Rollbar if he would like to do a pre-thang or no pre-thang and he chose the pre-thang.  Anything to continue to punt The Thang was a wise decision…..  We did a short mosey to the picnic area to chomp on some leftover chips and baked beans while doing some PAX led exercises.

Dips – 25

Derkins – 20

One Leg step ups – 15 each leg

Dips – 20

Derkins – 15

The Thang  – Tater Tot led a short mosey to the grassy area where the PAX were met with coupons (35lbs), a number of dimly lit red cones and a wooden giraffe.  The group was instructed to pair up and one guy ran with a coupon to a cone 250 feet away completing an exercise his partner was doing cone to cone bearcrawls and completing 5 merkins at each cone continuously until the coupon carrier returned…  Modifications were mentioned a number of times throughout the next 20 minutes and we sprinted past mumble chatter directly into hatred statements…  I was not exactly feeling the love.

Partner 1) Coupon Exercise after 250 foot coupon run:

20 Coupon Air Squats

15 Coupon Air Presses

7 Blockees – Burpees with a coupon (I overheard a few say “oh f*ck that”)

Rinse and Repeat

Partner 2) 30 foot bear crawl, 5 merkins at cone.  Rinse and repeat.  Lunges were a modification to the bear crawls

5 Blockees (Burpees with Coupon) 4 count

Post Thang – Dancing Giraffe – PAX circled up while catching their breath and Tater Tot had one more trick up his sleeve.  He offered the group the option to either dance in the middle of the circle to a 3 minute version of “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown or do monkey humpers and cheer on the dancer(s).  Thank goodness it was still dark as the PAX severely need to work on their moves but with that being said I was proud of not only those that had the courage to jump in the middle but probably more so of those that chose not to and did roughly 1000 monkey humpers just to avoid dancing…. Was this awkward, and vulnerable and uncomfortable? Yes.  Especially when Bubbles and Tater Tot Monkey Humped the giraffe together.  Pretty much ended the morning right then.   


Wait Time – Low Dolly (On my open – Love you Waffle House!)

Hard Hat??? – Reverse Crunches???

Tater Tot – American Hammer – The police drove by at 26 IC (I wonder why…) and Daniel Son tried a yelling EH approach but also distracted the PAX enough to not really know how many we actually completed.  Maybe 30? Percentages are low the officer will post in the near future. 


Tater Tot completed count off and Name – O – Rama and then introduced and named the two FNG’s.  Welcome to the party Guppy and Mufasa and way to go Bubbles for getting credit on both names.  We must have been off our game big time….  Tater Tot jumped quickly into his message in regard to why today’s theme was Giraffes CAN dance but did a poor job of actually explaining the book for context.  Tater Tot told a story about him not feeling comfortable dancing in front of crowd historically, feeling self-conscious and embarrassed typically.  After being introduced to F3 and making some life changes and searching for what makes Tater Tot’s rhythm in life is he has been able to bust a move out of that paralyzing shell of not dancing when life is asking you to and now is able to shake a leg and not worry about who is watching or how weird he might look.  F3 continues to give PAX the confidence to help make the right decisions in life which can allow one to be vulnerable but also live life without regrets and shaming.  My hope was to have all of the PAX jump in the middle and dance with Tater Tot but it didn’t happen and I can speak to why or where the other PAX are on their journey but if I was able to give one person there a little more solid ground to stand on to make a better decision for themselves and their family in the future I did my job, for that morning.  I also solidified that my next Q I will have about 15 less participants….

Prayers and Announcements:

Waffle House Update – Continue Prayers and additional updates

Rollbar update with this daughter’s fundraiser – $50 short of $1000 goal and it was met post workout!

Serve Your Queen – Take 2 seconds and jump on Twitter for Tonight Show so that we can better serve how you would like information on tracking your progress

Thank you for letting me lead this day as I am always grateful to be with the highly impactful men.  Can’t wait to do it again soon!

I know I am missing a couple more and apologize for not remembering them…..

Aye! – Tater Tot

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