Oracle Backblast: Gunner’s Journey

AO: The Oracle Saturday August 8-17-19

Nice but humid about 70 degrees

PAX:  CSI, Othello, Slapstick, Selleck,Blue Suede, Reba,  Coach K, Borland, Tuna Fish, Cyclone, Crocs and FNG Skid Loader and Brady Bunch

Q: Gunner

Along with Co-Q Sasquatch perform F3 Mission and 5 principles and standard disclaimer.

Lead Warm-O-Rama together with:

  • Imperial Walkers 20 IC
  • Dancing Bear 20 IC
  • T-Kicks and taps IC (10 kicks and 10 taps) each leg
  • Side Tri (ceps) Rise 15 each arm
  • Clerkins 10

Group 1 The Pre-Thang 

Moseyed to the baseball fields and did 12 modified pull-ups then moseyed to The Hill

Group The Thang

  • Bernie Sanders – backwards Up the hill  (on even number trips sprint up the hill)
  • merkin roll at the top of the hill to next station
  • backward lunge to half -way and switched to
  • Alternate 180 jump twist the bottom half of the hill
  • At the bottom – 1 burpee and added a burpee for each trip around the circuit

Performed 5 full trips around the Hill Circuit and 

  • Moseyed back to flags. A total mosey distance of over a mile for this workout

Conducted Announcements of Waffle House update to Lincoln, sign up for Iron PAX challenge in September and The Murph Labor Day CSAUP.

COT – How male kidding and razzing helps build a stronger bond with the group. Pointed out how fellow PAX use leadership traits of knowing the people around them and know how to tease in just the right amount to make bonds stronger.  Mentioned how the action is light-hearted and gentle with the goal of stronger camaraderie. 

Closing prayer

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