August 9, 2019|AO – Golden Spike | Burke High School | 68° F 

PAX:  Novocaine, Jean Claude, Selleck, The Curse, Wonka (FNG), Tonight Show, Slow Roast, Honey Badger, Hard Hat, Slow Pitch,  FDIC, Blue Suede, and Saul

Q: Saul

Welcomed 12 PAX to Golden Spike. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs, gave the necessary disclaimer and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed around the track for one lap and then congregated at the 50 yard line for Warm A Rama.  

 SSH 20 IC
 Sun Gods (both direction) 10 IC
 Windmills 10 IC

2 – Stadium Stairs

PAX ran the stadium stairs and did two sets of dips, 10X. 

3– 40 Minutes of Hell (Modified for Time)

PAX partnered up,

 One partner works through the circuit below.
 Second partner runs ladders on football field. 
o Goal Line >20 yd Line>Goal Line
o Goal Line >50 yd Line> Goal Line
o Switch, pick up where partner one left off on exercise

1. Burpees (75). 

2. Squats (300). 

3. Big Boy Sit-Ups (150). 

4. Cherry Pickers (100, IC). 

5. Merkins (150). 

6. Imperial Walkers (100, IC).

Rinse and Repeat


 American Hammers- 30 IC

Circle of Trust:

 F3 Opportunities
 Heart Ministry-Volunteer Opportunity on 8-16-19-contact Big One to sign up
 Waffle House
 Baby Bubbles
 Mama Honey
 Words of Wisdom-How to Deal with Feeling Overwhelmed
 Deep Breathing
 “What is the worst thing that could happen?” Fear of the unknown is generally far worse than fear of something specific
 Bridge Of Spies-Tom Hanks-Character One-”Are you worried” Character Two-”Would it Help”
 Ben Stiller-Because life is short, we only have the current moment. Our memories are precious but they are the past, and the future is not here now. Live fully in the moment with the people you love and care about. I have spent a lot of years focusing on the next best thing, and in doing so, stressed about the things that ultimately didntmatter or bring happiness.


Next F3 Event –8/10/19 @ 0700 – The Oracle –with Blue Suede and Honey Badger

-The Pit-with Tater Tot







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