Paradise Island Backblast: Remember the Six

AO- Paradise Island, Omaha, NE

Q- Slow Pitch

17 PAX: Firewalker, Blue Chip, McGee, Blue Suede, FNG- Super Soaker, Khakis, Gunner, The Curse, Swinger, The Plague, Kielbasa, Short Stack, Jean Claude, Phone Home, Low Man, FNG – Money Ball, Slow Pitch

• Short Mosey to parking lot
• Sun Gods 12 IC Each Direction
• Alternating Shoulder Taps: 18 IC
• Monkey Humpers: 12 IC
• Bear Crawls: 6 Parking spaces X 2

Partner up – Old guy, grab a new guy

• Nice long Mosey, paired with partner, side by side up Westchester St. to Regency Park’s “Twin Peaks.”

The Thang:
• Bernie Sanders (Back Peddle up hill) with partner, 6 Burpees IC with partner, run back down to bottom of hill. Repeat 5 more times, reducing the burpees by 1 each time (so 5,4,3,2,1). Whole PAX gathered around planter.
• 18 Dips IC
• 18 Derkins IC
• 12 Box Jumps
• Nice long Mosey, paired with partner, side by side around park and down Harney to comfy green space.
• 6 Broad Jump Burpees, IC with partner
• 12 Diamond Merkins, IC with partner
• Nice long Mosey, paired with partner, side by side to green space
• 6 Bropees (Burpee facing partner, IC finish each with a “High Ten”)
• Nice long Mosey, paired with partner, side by side back to Paradise


• Khakis lead the American Hammer 30 IC, which ultimately became Waffle House Hammers of 50, with smiles.

COT: Namarama – 2 FNG’s – Super Soaker and Money Ball

Announcements: Prayers, Waffle House update and Short Stack informing PAX of Dad’s continued positivity and F3 gratitude.

Slow Pitch reminded everyone to Remember the Six. Don’t forget where you came from, who was there next to you when you were the Six, in the beginning and that you will always be the Six. “Happiness is only real when it’s shared” (Christopher McCandless). Also remember to do just “one more,” understanding that there are others, that wished they could be here, to do just the minimum and we can’t take that for granted.

Remember the Six!

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