7.30.2019 Wild Kingdom Back Blast

AO-Wild Kingdom, Omaha NE, 7/30/2019

Q-Honey Stinger

PAX-Hard Hat, Big One, Fiddler, FDIC, Pelini, Lucille, Lemon Law, Roll Bar, Blue Suede

6am-pleasantries exchanged and mission statement read.  PAX takes off on a long mosey to the Warm O Rama site

Warm O Rama
Sun Gods 10IC both directions
Imperial Walkers-15IC
High Knees-15IC
Air Squats-15
Pickle pushers-15IC
Mountain climbers-15IC

PAX then moseys to nearby field for a lighting round of ATMs 8x3rounds of all exercises with no break in between sets

  • alternating shoulder taps
  • tempo merkins
  • merkins

PAX immediately transitions into fast and sexy sets of BMWs 3×15

  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Werkins

After BMW completion the explanation of the Bermuda Triangle was given and the busy bee PAX was off and moving again.  The PAX stayed together and in cadence for all exercises at all three stations.  PAX was informed to complete the first exercise on the list at the station and then run as quickly as possible to the next station cone.  Cones were placed in a triangle.

Cone 1
LBCs-20ic, flutter kicks-15ic, Freddy mercurys-15ic, Plank-45sec, Superman-30sec, Reverse crunch-20, Dying cockroach

Cone 2
Werkins-20, Diamond Merk-15, Temp Merkins-15IC, High Knees-15IC, Mountain climbers-15IC, Big boy sit up-10

Cone 3
Air squats-30, jump tucks-12, calf raises-30, alt lunges/10 each leg, Monkey humpers-15ic, Carolina drydocks-20, Pickle pushers-10Ic

6:08 Omaha was called and mumble chatter is rampant. 


  • Dying cockroach-15IC
  • Box cutters-15IC
  • Marge and homers
  • American hammer-20IC

Announcements-donations are still being taken, Aug 16 at heart ministry center come and volunteer at food pantry with the Big One and Honey Stinger, Lemon Law encourages PAX to reach out and find new opportunities for 3F.

Prayer requests were made and a COT and prayer followed. 

Honey Stinger asked  the PAX to remember to have hearts filled with gratitude for the things in their lives which they have been given. On that point, to much is given, much is expected and HStinger asked the PAX to continue to push themselves to give to those less fortunate.  HS mentioned that far too often people focus on all the things they don’t have rather than on the things they do.  Honey Stinger mentioned that he has a bday this week and realized how thankful he was for the gift of the PAX, true words never been spoken.  Aye!

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