July 25, 2019 | The Maize AO | Copperfields “Beach” | Decent weather – not too hot, not cold; not humid, slightly breezy, some cloud cover
PAX: Hard Hat, Ethanol, Blue Suede, Placebo(Happy Birthday!) Slow Roast, Tonight Show, and Lemon Law.
QIC: Lemon Law

As an intro, this morning’s beatdown was not what YHC originally planned. YHC had a physically exhausting weekend, starting with the inaugural The Pit beatdown. YHC was still sore during Wild Kingdom, at which Wait Time announced our respective Qs this morning. YHC hinted at a mild beatdown due to still being sore. Then Wait Time talked about it being National Get Gnarly Day tomorrow. So YHC doubled down, researched surfing workouts, scrounged up some coupons (thanks Folsom!), and came up with a rigorous plan. If the reader is still sore from this morning, blame Wait Time.

Mission and disclaimer were given. Then PAX were instructed to “Kelly Slater” to the 6 when necessary. (See “Moleskin” below.)

PAX moseyed to the “far” goal post for…


SSH x20 IC

Sun Gods, sobriety-style x10 IC F, x10 IC R

Windmills, x10 IC

Chinooks, x10 IC F, x10 IC R

Next, PAX moseyed to the hill to the east (right before you cross the road to the lake). Looking down, the gloom revealed coupons waiting at the bottom of hill. 

PAX paired up for a 2-man grinder, with 1 PAX at the bottom of the hill with the coupon, the other at the top.

The Thang

Bottom – all exercises with the coupon. Bottom PAX “pushes” after each of the following by running up the hill. 20 reps of:

Goblet Squats | Derkins | Lunge w/ overhead press | Crunches | Lunge twist | Bent-over row

Top – AMRAP until relieved, running back down hill

Monkey Humpers | Lunges | LBCs | Single-leg squats | Merkins | Squats

PAX then Cusacked the coupons back to the “far” goal post for…


Moon Gods x10 IC each side

Michael Phelps x15 IC (see below)

Hammer x20 IC, led by Ethanol

[PAX remarked about how easy the Hammer was after doing Michael Phelps; Ethanol felt challenged]

More Hammer x30 IC, led by Ethanol (“If you talk smack, I will attack,” said IC)

PAX Cusacked back to the Shovel Flag for…


Prayers: for FDIC’s mom, who suffered a stroke

Announcements: lots of 3rd F opps available – check Twitter.

Volunteer for Children’s Square, and bring donations.

If you still want to golf at QuinnStrong, contact Placebo – he’s got an in.

Message: from Ego is the Enemy, we need to be students. One facet is to be mentored, to humble ourselves to seek wisdom from another guy. In turn, we need to mentor the younger men in order to pass on wisdom. Be a Blade – be sharpened by a PAX or someone else whose life you can learn from. Be a Whetstone – sharpen a younger PAX or man who needs to hear lessons of experience.


Lemon Law


1. Kelly Slater – Al Gore, but with arms outstretched as if riding a longboard.

2. Given a steep enough slope, coupons roll downhill quite easily.

3. YHC sees that Wait Time’s beatdown also included Cusacking, and approves.

4. Michael Phelps – modified Superman. Start in the Superman position; this is “Michael.” When “Phelps” is called, sweep arms back to side as if doing a breaststroke. Q alternates timing at his discretion (e.g., like Homer/Marge). 

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