July 18, 2019 // Memorial Park // AO – Futurama //

Weather: 87 degrees

PAX:  TC (Respect!), Honk Honk, Khakis (Respect!), OMT, Brazilian, Twin Peaks, Tater Tot, Squidward, FNG – Hops, FNG – Pony Express (Hate!), Dufresne (Hate!), Simba (Hate!), FNG – Twilight (Hate!), CSI, Clorox (Hate!), Arm Bar, Plague, Honey Stinger, Safe Ride, Ponzi, No Doze. 22 Pax (w/ 3 FNGS) for a non-convergence AO record.

Q:  Trademark

Warm O’ Rama

1.         SSH ICx20

2.         Windmills ICx12

3.         Monkey Humpers ICx15

4.         Calf Raises ICx20

The Thang

Trademark had the PAX mosey from the flag circle to the bottom of the steps and mount the wall.  From there, the PAX ran down across the field to the sidewalk near Dodge Street, and back up to the wall again.  While waiting for the 6, the PAX were instructed to do Al Gores and/or planks, their choice (but with a special effort to maintain good form, especially on the Al Gores).

The PAX then paired into teams of two.  One partner completed a loop that included “bunny hops” up the steps (feet stay together while bending knees into a squat and hopping up to the next step), running across the platforms between the steps, and running down the steps/platforms on the other side.  This partner was the “push.”  While waiting, the other partner cycled through the exercises listed for that round.  Round 1 was 15 derkins plus 20 step ups.  Round 2 was 12 dry docks plus 8 burpees.  Round 3 was dips until failure plus 15 mountain climbers IC.  Any team finishing Round 3 went back to Round 1.  Trademark realized that it was asking a bit much to do deeper squats on the bunny hops, and quickly fell back to doing slighter knee bends like the other PAX.

Trademark called Omaha after most or all teams made it through at least three rounds.  Before 6MoM, Trademark had the PAX do one more run from the wall down to the sidewalk/street and back up again.  Some early finishers grew bored of the Al Gores/planks, and improvised with merkins, etc.


1.         Flutter kicks ICx20

2.         LBCs ICx20

3.         Supermans(Supermen?) on the Q’s “up”/”down” call

4.         American hammers ICx20


Trademark’s ears were too full of the sound of his own rasping breath to hear much mumblechatter, but he did get the impression that the two runs were not a highlight of the workout for many PAX.


Prayer requests included Clorox and his M – we’re thinking of you guys and here if you need anything, Clorox.

The Pit starts July 20, 2019, at 7am in Halleck Park, Papillion. 


Trademark noted that some Qs (Honey Stinger, Folsom) had recently talked about the importance of being present in the moment, and not succumbing to distractions.  To help the PAX achieve “presence,” Trademark suggested that they stop and take the time to breathe deeply throughout the day.  Ideally (not necessarily) with eyes closed:  take at least a few (more if you have time/patience) slow, deep breathes from your lower belly/diaphragm area, and fill your lungs with air like filling a cup with water.  In through the nose, out through the mouth.  The PAX took a couple deep breathes together.  Trademark listed some of the benefits of this simple and fast exercise:  centering and focusing oneself, removing distractions, reducing stress (all the good stuff that helps with “presence”), as well as giving you a jolt of energy/strength.

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