2nd F Opportunity – Taco Ride August 1st!

Join pedal-happy PAX members on Thursday, August 1st for some great 2nd F time riding down the Wabash Trail to a place where tacos, beverages and good times flow like the Salmon of Capistrano… a little place called M-i-n-e-o-l-a.

The Details:

  • Date: 8/1/19
  • Time: 5:30pm (meet at trailhead – click for map)
  • Distance: 10 miles down, 10 miles back (anyone can do this!), and we usually stop at “Margaritaville” for a quick regroup at mile 5 and mile 15
  • Speed: We’ll “mosey” down and back – just riding down to have fun

What you need to bring for the Taco Ride:

  • $3 for the trail usage fee
  • Helmet
  • Bicycle – if you need a quick tune-up, you’ve got time! Lowman recommends The Bike Rack for quality and quick service
  • Spare tube
  • Lights (optional, but recommended – any bike shop should have a range of options. Lowman also recommends these on Amazon)

Everything Else:

  • More info on the Taco Ride – click here
  • Other questions? Reach out to Lowman who is a seasoned Taco Ride professional
  • T-Claps to any PAX who ride a tandem bike

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