Heavy Metal Backblast

7-10-19/Aksarben Village/73 degrees and stinky

Stella, Wario, Clorox, Toad Stool, TC (Respect!), Cyclone (Respect!), Wait Time, Sade Ride, Honey Stinger, Truss, Greek Freak, Folsom, CSI, Blood Shot,

Q: Brazilian


No warmarama, straight to the thang💪🏼


Deadlifts x 20

Arnold press x 20

Squats x 20

Curls x 20

Straight-leg, leg lifts x 20

Tempo merkins x 20

Lateral shoulder raises x 10

Upright rows x 10

After completing one round of the above exercises the PAX partnered up and grabbed a cinderblock. While one partner performed 5 burpees the other held the cinderblock above and proceeded to the all around the park. Burping partner caught up to relieve coupon partner and switched off so forth and so on until completing a full lap. Partners then recycled the dumbbell exercises, then performed a lap of burping coupons etc… etc… u til Omaha was called.

Brazilian shut it down with a heart full tha k you to the PAX for lifting him up and making him a better man these past 15 months and for encouraging everyone to continuing to lean in as the rewards far outweigh the input. Quick conference with the Sky Q was followed by caffeinated fellowship.

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