AO.  Cornhusker handicap

Q.  Honey Stinger 
23 PAX.  Lucky Charm, Smashmouth, No Doze, Saul, Bubbles(hate), Low Man, Twin Peaks, Swinger, Huffy, Cyclone(respect!), Room Service, Big One, Selleck, Khakis(respect!), The Plague, Stella, Merch, Brazilian, Crawl, Tenderfoot, Beta Max(FNG), Polaroid, Bloodshot.  
5:30am-PAX was welcomed and Mission statement of F3 was read.  Honey Stinger also reviewed the 5 principles of a F3 workout.  
Warm ORama-  PAX took off on a decent mosey around the Stinson stage, tower and ended up in a circle in the grass for warm o Rama.
Sun Gods -10IC/each direction
Tappy Taps-12 IC
Pickle Pushers-12 IC (look into my eyes PAX)
Mountain Climbers 15IC
Cherry Pickers 12IC
High Knees 15IC
Jump Tucks 12
Pre Pre Thang-bear crawl/Plank jack run
PAX was instructed to partner up at one end of the field.  Q instructed one of the partners to do 10 plank jacks while the other partner took off on a bear crawl.  When the person who was doing plank jacks was done with his 10, he ran up to replace the person doing bear crawls.  PAX was instructed to do this till they reached the end of the field and plank till the 6 was in.  To the surprise of Honey Stinger, the PAX flew through the routine.
Pre Thang-The Wall
Q instructed the PAX that brick wall in front of them represented the wall in their lives and they needed to conquer it.  PAX was instructed to to do 10 merkins, hop over the wall 5 times, do 5 burpees the rinse and repeat.  The Wall by Pink Floyd was played, its a 3:58 minute song and that’s how long this routine lasted.  Twin Peaks caught his leg on the wall during a jump, blood was shed, it was awesome.  Mumble chatter was heard from the PAX as they drug their comfortably numbing bodies over the Wall.  Money!
The Thang
PAX was divided into teams of 3.  PAX was instructed to complete the exercises in order and then rotate to the next station. Exercises were done in cadence by rotating leaders.
Station 1
LBCs-20 IC
Flutter Kicks-15IC
Freddy Mercurys-15 IC
Plank-45 seconds
Superman-30 sec
Reverse Crunch-20
Drying cockroach
Station 2 (coupons of 45 lb blocks)
Hammer Curls-15
Overhead Press-15
Bent Over Rows-20
Coupon Merkin-20
Tricep Extension-15
Big Boy Sit ups-15IC
Goblet Squats-15
Station 3
Air Squats-30
Jump Tucks-12
Calf Raises-30
Alt lunges-10 each leg
Monkey Humpers-15IC
Carlolina Drydocks-20
Pickle Pushers-10 IC
6:08.  Honey Stinger called “Omaha” and PAX moseyed to playground for Mary. 
Marge n Homer
American Hammer-20IC 
23 count, Namo Rama, welcome FNG Beta Max (he worked at BlockBuster video and once backed over an old lady in the parking lot!)
Announcements.  The Pit, 2F at Casual Pint on Wed, Patriot Games on July 1.  The World Herald is coming to the Oracle on Saturday!!!!  PAX is planning to look sharp and do an hour of Pickle Pushers while wearing Cuddigan Law TShirts.  Good plan
COT.  Honey Stinger stressed to the PAX that we all have Walls in our lives that we need to tackle and climb and those walls will present themselves in different ways every day.  The best way to tackle walls is to build a good foundation with faith, fitness, fellowship and family.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable and problems seem to work themselves out.  Lean on the PAX, put your problems on the table
The PAX of Omaha was salty today and I was honored to lead them.
Honey Stinger
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