AO: Wild Kingdom Weather: 74 degrees with ominous clouds to our North

QIC: Rollbar

PAX: Folsom, Strange Brew, CSI, Blue Suede, Wait Time, FDIC, Hard Hat, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show

In the Pre-Blast Rollbar posted a song by one of his favorite bands, Project 86, Fall Goliath, Fall and challenged the PAX to join him in the call to arms.

As the clock rolled over to 0530, Rollbar welcomed the 9 brave men who answered the call, introduced himself and explained the Mission and Purpose of F3 to the gathering PAX. Reminding the men that he is in no way a fitness professional Rollbar led them off on a Mosey lap around what would be the clock for a station beatdown that would rival even the most brutal Wrecktangle Rollbar had conceived before. Warmo-o-Rama was Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigoda and String rippers, that being completed Rollbar explained the stations to the gathered PAX as the dread built.

The Thang-Beat your shovels to swords, sound the sirens of war

6 stations encircled the playground apparatus, each with a cone prescribing an exercise to be done AMRAP while one team ran a lap around the lot. The stations were:

  • Thor Crawls uphill, hammers up lunges downhill (Thor crawls are the warrior’s version of a bear crawl, done with 25lb dumbells in hand. An exercise inspired by a workout done by Chris Helmsworth)

  • Copperhead Squats

  • Tempo Merkins with an Eskimo at the bottom- a 4 count Merkin with a 5 count hold at the bottom to tell the Big Ball good morning (Shoutout to Tater Tot for the Eskimo portion of the exercise)

  • Sweat Angels

  • Killer Rabbits (Tip of the helm to Reba for that one)

  • Chillcut Reachouts- Hold Chillcut plank and reach out in front of you with alternating hands (A Sellak original), this was unfortunately placed directly before we came around to the Thor Crawl, which produced a good bit of groans and grunts.

The PAX was exhorted to press the pace as the clock was running out and successfully completed 2 full circuits before Rollbar called OMAHA, and assembled the PAX for a slightly abbreviated 6 Minutes of Mary.

6 Minutes of Mary

With time running out, Rollbar opted to trim Mary to 2 exercise:

LBCs 15 IC

American Hammers 30 IC called by Wait Time


Rollbar told the PAX that the songwriter explained the song as a call to arms, exhorting us to attack the giant that stands in front of us, often taunting our weakness much like Goliath did to the Israelites. Rollbar’s observation was that the men of F3 are uniquely equipped to slay the giants that stand before them, and he encouraged the PAX to choose this day to answer the call and take up arms!


CSI- His daughter’s friend was on a trip to India and was killed when the plane crashed. Please keep this young man’s family and friends in your prayers.

Rollbar- It’s vacation season, keep those on the road in mind and pray for their safe return.

– Missing PAX, pray for those who are AWOL or on the DL and reach out to those that come to mind

Rollbar led a closing prayer, and dismissed the men to their day, encouraging them to join for coffee and discussion of Freed to Lead.


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