6/21/2019. The Woodshed AO | Elmwood Park

PAX:18 – Lightyear, Honey Stinger, Smashmouth, Billy Boots, Picabo, The Plague, Ponzi, Baby Grand, Tater Tot, Lucky Charms, Gunner, Wait Time, No Doze, Khakis (Respect), Bubbles (Hate), Stella, Polaroid, The Lifestyle (Hate)

QIC: No Doze

Weather:  70, rainy, couple of boomers, couple of warning shots from the Sky Q, but no visible ground strikes.  As always, perfect weather for a No Doze Q.

3 Pax for the EC pre-run at 5: Bubbles, YHC, The Plague.  Discussed potential switch to the parking lot due to weather, but decided we weren’t sitting in aluminum chairs and there’s no such thing as “Summer Quarters.” 

Mission statement and disclaimer were given.  A few core principles discussed, namely the one about being outside.  PAX took a 5 minute mosey to the Grotto.  No warm-a-rama.  We went straight into . . .


Blackjack 2.0 – 21 reps of 21 exercises.  Every 7th exercise is BURPEES.  Happy June 21 everybody!

1.       Copperhead squats x 21

2.       Bobby Hurleys x 21

3.       High Knees x 21 (IC) – some attentive pax notice a theme developing.

4.       Jump tucks x 21

5.       Lunges x 21 (IC)

6.       Smurf Jacks x 21 (IC) – no #redbull, so the pax thanked YHC for showing some mercy.

7.       Burpees x 21 (IC)

8.       Werkins x 21 – YHC started to need some help with the cadence here.  This may have been when Baby Grand showed up.

9.       Dry Docks x 21

10.     Dips x 21

11.     Ranger Merkins x 21

12.     Hand Release Merkins x 21 – had to split this into 2 sets.

13.     Blades of Steel x 21 – might have been IC.  Too much pain to remember and little lightning had YHC considering calling Omaha, but it quickly passed.

14.     Burpees x 21 (IC)

Move to Parking Lot

15.     Mountain Climbers x 21 (IC) – Honey Stinger finished up his tour of UNO parking garages and joined us around this time.

16.     210 yard sprint – Khakis has wheels!

17.     SSH x 21 (IC)

18.     210 yard sprint

19.     Plank Jacks x 21 (IC)

20.     210 yard sprint

21.     Burpees x 21 (IC)

Time was still on the clock so we played another little game of chance – Pax 1 chooses 50 or 100.  Pax 2 chooses A, B, or C, which are exercises undisclosed to the Pax. 

Round 1 – 50 squats

Round 2 – 50 merkins

No Mary.  Mosey back to the shovel flags for . . .



-Announcements:  New Saturday AO, The PIT, launches July 20 in Papillion.  Halleck Park.  T-claps to The Plague for doubling up on Site Q duties.  EH Sarpy County sad clowns. 

-Prayers for Lightyear and his family – car was packed and moving to Alabama TODAY. Wow! Truly blessed and honored that he would spend his last morning in Omaha with us. 

-Prayers for Gretna community.

-COT:  Reminded by F3 twitterverse that positivity is like a muscle.  It grows stronger with exercise. Your 2.0s aren’t undisciplined little s—ts. They’re wild, fun, crazy, and cute. M used your razor – that’s a cute little quirk.  Stuck in traffic – more time to listen to your jams.  Rainy weather – the grass will grow greener, the flowers brighter.  Go into your day with positive vibes. 

Coffeteria followed. 



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