June 7th, 2019 | Burke Stadium | AO – Golden Spike | 73° and Warm

14 PAX: Big One, Novocain, Ascot, Saul, Vandalay, Blue Suede, CSI, Goldberg, Dufrense, Waffle House (R), Hard Hat, Rollbar, Sellick, FDIC


Before the 5:30 rally cry even started, PAX started asking rhetorical questions about the coupons sitting on the ground.  They only saw 6, but FDIC crushed their hope by announcing that there were many more in the back of his van. FDIC then welcomed 14 PAX to a warm morning at Golden Spike. Explained the mission of F3 and reminded PAX that FDIC is not a professional and to modify as needed. FDIC barked at the PAX to pick up a coupon and mosey to the 50 yd line for the Warm-O-Rama

Warm O Rama

Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC

Hairy Rockettes – 10 IC

Windmills – 10 IC

String Rippers – 10 IC

The Thang

Had the PAX count off in groups of 6. The name of the game is Cast Away Relay. In the Cast Away movie, there was Wilson the volleyball and Chuck took it everywhere.  Coupons would be WIlson in this scenario for all of the 6 stations, set 20 yards apart. Station #1 would do their reps and push #2 group to #3 station, #3 group would push to #4 station, and so on.

Also explained that FDIC would randomly yell ‘Run’, where the PAX would drop everything and run stairs, then return back to finish their station.

Station 1

R1) 30 Incline Merkins (PUSH TEAM)

R2) 15 Big Boys (PUSH TEAM)

Sprint to next station

Station 2

R1) Copperhead Squats

R2) Calf Raises

Shuffle to next station

Station 3

R1) Curls

R2) Shoulder Raises

Karaoke to next station

Station 4

R1 & 2) Pass The Block

Backwards Run to next station

Station 5

R1) Derkins

R2) Bench Press

Side Shuffle to next station

Station 6

R1) Lunges

R2) Step Ups

Skip to next station


25 Freddie Mercury – IC

10 Box Openers – IC

15 Flutter Kicks – IC

20 American Hammers – IC

Circle Of Trust:

Count Off/Name O Rama

Reflection (below)

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • OWH doing a story w/Wait Time about F3 and the PAX at an upcoming Oracle
  • Rollbar mentioned an upcoming run for JRDF in support of his daughter (details on his Twitter)

FDIC ended in Prayer


FDIC talked about how for a number of years was just doing the thing in front of him and letting life happen, and how God was leading him to focus on casting vision and goals for his family, now that they are in a slower season. Reminded the PAX that we should all take time to meditate, however that looks to each of us, and focus on casting vision and goals wherever we are at as a leader, i.e. family, marriage, work, friends, etc.



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