Date: 6/4/2019

Weather: Wet and flashes of lightning to help light our paths, hip waders or water wings recommended

PAX: 9- FDIC, Blue Suede, Strange Brew, Hard Hat, Slow Roast, Roll Bar, Tonight Show, CSI, Crab Cakes

QIC- Crab Cakes


YHC greets the group goes over the F3 mission and disclaimer with the PAX, no FNG’s so we do  a short mosey to the bathrooms the PAX circles up for a little warm-a-rama.

  • Side straddle hops x 25 IC
  • Sobriety sun gods Forward x 10 IC
  • Switch legs, sobriety sun Gods backwards x 10 IC

The PAX then lined up on the wall for the rest of the warm up,

  • Wall sits 10 count each PAX member- this provided a nice shower as the roof was dripping due the glorious weather we were having
  • Balls to the wall 10 count each PAX member

The Thang

Now that we are good and loose, we do a short mosey to the bottom of the damn.  On the way through the woods we made a new friend, a wild deer. Once at the bottom of the hill we felt it necessary to chase our new friend the only way F3 knows how, with Bear Crawls up the hill.  At the top of the hill we split into partners to begin the workout

  • One partner would run down the hill and backpedal up while the other worked through the series of exercises doing 100 of each exercise
    • Clerkins
    • Killer rabbits
    • Primetime Merkins
    • No Surrenders
    • Jump lunges

After the 3rd or 4th backpedal the mood started to change, a little bit of chatter started and it was recommended that this workout can go in the trash afterwards.  Also was suggested that we may not be able to walk anymore today after this. Looking back the hill did seem higher today but at least we had a good view of the sunrise on the lake as we backpedaled up the hill.  But the Pax suffered through it together until we had to call OMAHA. To finish off the beat down we did an Indian run to the shovel flag to start 6 min of Mary.


Once back at the flag the PAX we circled up and Al-gored to the 6 just in case the legs were not tired enough.  Then we all got to find our favorite puddle to lie down in to finish off the day.

  • Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
  • 10 Count leg raises X 10, half way through the Q out of breath had some help with the count.
  • American Hammer X 40


We ended with a quick circle of trust when FDIC reminded everyone of the Free to Lead discussion and coff-ateria to follow.  Crab Cakes closes us out in a quick prayer in a ball of man thanking God for this beautiful morning and our time together and lifting up those who could not make it because of family members going through things.


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