Back Blast: Perseverance
Date: May 21, 2o19
AO: Wild Kingdom
Conditions: Soggy and perfectly gloomy

Pax: Tonight Show, Hard Hat, Wait Time, Daniel-San, Strange Brew, Blue Suede, FDIC, Crab Cakes, Chaz, FNG-Germ-X(JJ Zumbrennen), FNG-Lab Rat(Tim Williams)
QIC: D-League (VQ); Chaz (VQ)

D-League and Chaz greeted the pax on a cool and soggy morning in the Kingdom. After delivering an exception mission statement disclaimer it was time for a mosey to the boat docks for…


  • String rippers 15
  • Star Straddle Hop 20
  • Air Squats 25
  • Mountain Climbers 15
  • Cherry Pickers A TON
  • Burpees 15

What followed was a loooong mosey to the middle of the dam when it was noticed some pax were missing. It was a beautiful morning but there were some not so beautiful surprises being left at the Kingdom bathrooms.

The mosey ended and was followed by some Bat Wings

  • 20 Arm circles forward
  • Hold
  • 20 Arm circles backward
  • Hold
  • 20 Seal claps
  • Hold
  • 20 Overhead claps

The thang was a test of perseverance as the pax moseyed to the end of them dam and began 21’s at the bottom (merkins) and top (LBCs) of the damn. Reps always add up to 21 and started with 1 merkin at the bottom of the hill and 20 LBCs at the top. Pax made it through 7 rounds before Omaha was called and it was time to start moseying back to the shovel flag.
A stop along the way was thrown in to get in 2 more rounds of merkins x 20 and LBC’s x 20. One last stop took place at the end of the dam for another round of merkins before descending back to the shovel flag for


  • American Hammer x 10 ON and 10 OFF for 6 rounds followed by another 6 rounds of flutter kicks 10 On and 10 OFF. Capped off with YHC calling at 20 flutter kicks IC.

Double murph on Memorial Day at both murph locations.

All FNGs received a name and FDIC took us out in prayer reminding us to give thanks for this day which reminds us that we are alive.


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