May 21, 2019 – Cornhusker Handicap AO – Stinson Park

Pax: 21 – Twin Peaks, Caesar (Hate!), Dufresne (Hate!), Stella, Lucky Charm, Brazilian, Vandelay, Tater Tot, Picabo, Safe Ride, TC (Respect!), Khakis (Respect!), Bubbles (Hate!), Ponzi, The Plague, No Doze, OMT, Swinger, Toad Stool, Folsom, Polaroid

Q: Polaroid (VQ)

Weather: 47 Degrees with wind

A windy morning awaited the PAX as they arrived. An eager Polaroid welcomed everyone, provided the mission statement and disclaimer. Polaroid instructed the group to mosey counterclockwise and meet on the Stinson stage.

Warm O’ Rama

•Run One Lap

•SSH x 25 IC

•High Knees x 20 IC

•Tappy Taps x 12 IC

•Sun Gods x 10 IC Each Way

The PAX numbered off by threes and split up by group to the three stations.


Divided into groups of three. The PAX were instructed that at each station they will be work their way through an exercise until pushed by the group to advance.  At this point they would run to the next station, pushing that group onwards.

The first group began with 40 seconds of Wall Sits to start the push and we were off.

Stage –> Benches –> Playground –>

It was at this point that Polaroid realized he neglected to assign a group to handle the push!? TCLAPS to Bubbles and The Plague as they quickly took note and promptly formed the 4th group…now we were moving.

All exercises were down in cadence as a group until pushed.


•Wall Sits

•Dwight Howard (Jump and Slap Wall)

•Chicken Peckers (Feet on Wall, Shoulder Taps)

•Copperhead Squats



•Lunge with Twists

•Incline Merkins

•Step Ups


•Flutter Kicks


•Crab Cakes

•Big Boys

Bruisers group of Khakis, Brazilian, TC and Tater Tot made the stage home base and greeted each group throughout modifying for themselves accordingly.

Mary: No Doze led the PAX through a quick Mary on a puddle filled stage.

25 American Hammer IC

20 Freddy Mercury IC

30 +Low Dolly IC

Announcements: Ponzi invited everyone to 2nd F event next Wednesday night (5/29) for first time Fathers OMT and Bubbles DETAILS HERE.

Omaha Gives is underway and OMT invited all to come out to the Abide Campus tomorrow to support the organization.  Abide is a local organization doing great work in the Omaha community! More on ABIDE.

Reminder about Double Murph to be held on Memorial Day at the District and OG Murph. 5:30 AM Coffeeteria @ 7:00 AM

Prayers for Lucky Charms family were requested

COT: Polaroid spoke to the group about the immediate impact that F3 has made with him. The message centered around Mental Health.  All men will eventually face some form of anxiety in their life. It’s how they handle it that makes the difference. Stop waiting for support, go and seek it out! Fear, doubt and worry can all stir anxiety – while it may be inevitable to experience, just a small hurdle. The support of the PAX can be the push that is needed day to day.


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