May 14, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Cornhusker Handicap//56 degrees with a short rain//

Pax: No Doze, Lucky Charms, Swinger, OMT, Khakis (Respect!), Walk On, Safe Ride, Wide Right, Room Service, Stella, Toadstool, Twin Peaks, Godfather, Tinder Foot, Honey Stinger, Picabo, Folsom, 17 Strong!

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered ‘round the ShovelFlags of Heavy Metal.  Folsom welcomed the PAX, fully gave the mission statement and the disclaimer, emphasizing the ability to modify as necessary because this was going to be a F@#$!! hard workout. The PAX moseyed around the track and then circled up under the shadow of the giant penis for Warm O’Rama.

Warm O’ Rama

Sobriety Style Sun Gods, forward and backwards, ICx10

Shoulder Taps, ICx20

Mountain Climbers, ICx15

Tempo Merkins, ICx10

Hill Billy Squats ICx15

Pre-Thang 1: Pull Ups!

After a short and quick mosey to the Pull Up Pavilion, Folsom instructed the PAX to pair off and complete 40 combined pull ups (20 per partner), done in 4 sets of 5 reps, if you needed assistance with this burden, your partner was there to lend a hand or two. 

Pre-Thang 2: Indian Run!

Folsom had the PAX count off by 1’s and 2’s, to split them up in two groups for a .6 mile Indian Run going north down 67th St. to Frances St., west to Aksarben Dr., back south to the park, east to the pavilion to pick up the tunes, then west to Folsom’s ride. 

The Thang: Carrying Burdens!

Once the PAX arrived at Folsom’s fine ass ride, he had the ones that could still talk count off into teams of 4, with one team having 5.  Then Folsom popped the rear door on his ride and passed out the 45 lbs. coupons, one per team.  The teams had to offer a volunteer to  carry the coupon to the foot of the hill behind the stage.  One teammate carried the burden, err, coupon, up the mountain while the rest of the team planked or chill cut.  Once at the top, the teammate performed 5 push presses, and then ran down the hill to hand the burden off to the next teammate.  That teammate ran up the mountain, while the remaining teammates got into the people’s chair with cherry pickers.  This passing of the burden continued with the remaining teammates alternating between plank and people’s chair with cherry pickers until all HIM’s had carried the burden and pressed it 5 times.  Second time through was 10 bent over rows at the top of the hill.  Third time through was 15 merkins at the top.  The groups of 4 got to rinse and repeat the whole thang.    

6 MoM

The PAX then kindly carried the coupons back to Folsom’s ride and moseyed back to the playground area for some core action. 

Dying Cyclone, ICx20

Crunchy Frog, ICx20

Homer/Marge for as long as Folsom could keep his legs in the air, some might say it was heavy on the Homer, but Folsom would never brag about how strong his abs are. 

Mumblechatter: I didn’t hear much, but I did catch No Doze looking winded, I’ll take that as a statement of the harshness of the thang. 

Announcements: Don’t miss happy hour!  Thursday, May 16, 6:30 at Local Beer, Patio, and Kidtchen, 4904 S. 135th St., Omaha (Millard).  Also don’t miss our first ever CSAUP beatdown!  Sunday, May 19, 06:00, Memorial Park.  Give yourself 2.5 hours and plenty of carbs to complete this one! 

COT: Today’s workout was about carrying burdens, physical burdens, and how your fellow PAX can help lessen those burdens, if you let them. Of course, that was just a methaphor for the emotional burdens we might be carrying. I, for one, am carrying a pretty heavy load of emotional burdens. I am trying my hardest to unburden myself, but I have found that I can’t do it alone. That’s where my F3 brothers come in. I’m a work in progress, but some things I’m trying to do to be a better man include some of the following:

  1. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for myself; it’s not going to change anything. 
  2. Don’t waste time thinking about things beyond my control. I control my actions and my feelings, but I don’t control other people in anyway.
  3. Don’t dwell on or in the past. Don’t relive bad experiences repeatedly or fantasize about the glory days. Instead live for the now and plan for the future.
  4. Don’t expect immediate results; real change takes time.

A prayer request was made for Jeanne Duggins as she continues to recover from brain surgery. 

Aye- Folsom

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