5/11/2019. Oracle AO | Boys Town |122 Heroes Blvd

PAX: 15 – Cyclone, Borland, Reba, Ryan Brown (FNG – Welcome F3 Chewie), Dufresne, Ponzi, The Plague, Brian Engelbert (FNG – Welcomg F3 Big Kahuna), LowMan, Gipper, CSI, Roll Bar, Specimen, Room Service  

Q: Selleck

Weather:  #jortworthy

Selleck, Crab-Cakes and Lemon Law welcomed large PAX. Mission and disclaimer were given. Lemon Law led warm-o-rama right at the shovel flags. PAX numbered off in 1’s and 2’s. Selleck took the twos for lower bowl scrambler beatdown full of some old favorites


Upon arrival at the lower field sidewalk the PAX circled-up.  Selleck reloaded BMW.

B – Bobby Hurleys – 15 on Selleck’s slap

M – Monkey Humpers 15 IC

W – Werkin 15 on Selleck’s down

~rinse and repeat x2

PAX split up in two groups yet again for full body pre-thing:

Group 1 Completed ELEVENS while Group 2 completed LUNGE-O-RAMA!


Start with 1 rep of one exercise and 10 reps of another exercise, then add one additional rep to the first exercise and subtract one rep from the second. The sum must always add up to 11. Pax ran 50 yards in between LBCs and Merkins


PAX member tosses Frisbee. Group sprints towards frsibee while in the air. When the firsbeen hits the ground the PAX lunges to its place of rest. Rinse repeat until group 1 is complete with Elevens

Group one and two flip-flopped

The THANG: Hill Scramble

PAX partnered up. Completed three partner exercisese and wheel-barrowed in between stations leading to the hill:

  • Leg extensions/curls – 15 each partner
  • Partner derkins – 15 each partner (1 guy hold plank)
  • Leg throw downs – 15 each partner
  • Hill work out
    • One partner runs to the top of the hill and completes 5 SSH
    • The other partner starts in on cumulative rep count of the following exercises
      • 25 burpees
      • 50 Big Boy Sit Ups
      • 100 Jump Squats
      • 200 Hill Billys

6 MoM:

Hurrican Herkins (hoedown with a twist) three way flutter kick with descending IC reps for each cycle (21, 18, 15, etc). Selleck called it after cycle

American Hammer – 15 IC (Plague)


  • TAPs goes out to Reba’s father
  • TAPs goes out to HoneyStinger/Badger’s Mother
  • Selleck talked about finding a healthy moment of reflection (prayer, meditation, etc.) when feeling of “not being enough” starts to creep in. Consider behaviors that historically creep in when this feeling arises…are these behaviors healthy or self-destructive.
  • TCLAPs to BIG ONE for letting Selleck have the opportunity to lead this fine group of men this morning!
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