5/11/19        The Oracle Boys Town         Group 1

Pax: 17- Saul, Safe Ride, Honey Badger, Slow Roast, FDIC, Honey Stinger, Ledoux, Blue Suede, Vandelay, Tater Tot (F3 Bruisers), The Worm, TC (F3 Bruisers, Respect!), Sa-squash, Shark Tank (Hate!), Lucky Charms, Lemon Law, Crab cakes

Q: Crab Cakes and Lemon Law Group 1; Selleck Group 2

Warm-A-Rama- lead by Selleck and Lemon Law

We circle up at the flag for a quick Warm-A-Rama before breaking into 2 groups

  • String Rippers-10 IC
  • Sun gods- 20 IC
  • Windmills- 10 IC
  • Merkins- 20
  • SSH- 25 IC

The Thang

After splitting up the Pax  group 1 mosey to the track where we broke up into 3 groups to do a circuit workout.  Group 1 is the push group goal is to go around circuit 2 times

  • Group 1- Tire workout
    • Tire flips individual or with a partner to the goal post
    • 10 tire Merkins
    • Tire flips back to the start
    • 10 more tire Merkins
  • Group 2- Cone drill- W shape
    • Round 1- Sprint- Backpedal
    • Round 2- Shuffle- Karaoka (crossover run)
  • Group 3- Abs
    • Round 1
      • 40 heal touches
      • 10- 10count leg raises
      • 15 Amazing Spiderman’s
      • 25 mountain climbers
    • Round 2
      • 25- Freddy Mercury
      • 25- low flutter kicks
      • 25- pickle pushers
      • 25- plank jacks

After completing the circuit we got a little more fun in- mosey to the middle of the farmers market parking lot

  • 50 yd Bear crawl
  • Mosey to the island and plank to the 6
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Werkins
  • 20 Alt Shoulder Taps
  • Mosey to the flag with 60 yd sprint in the middle


The Pax joins up with the F3 Omaha Bruisers TC and Tater Tot for Merry

  • Captain Thor -2 reps then 10 sec Superman, repeat till we finish 6 Captain Thor’s


Lemon Law leads us in COT, prayers for Honey Badger and Honey Stingers Mom, prayers for Reba’s Dad as well.  He encouraged the PAX to accelerate their 3rd F avenue


Crab Cakes

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