Paradise Island AO | Regency| April 24, 2019 | Temperature: 47 & Clear Skies (Jupiter visible in the sky)
PAX: Boom Boom, Point Break, Bubbles, D-League, Vandelay, Chaz, Honey Badger, Khakis, FDIC, Welcome! Forklift (FNG-Noah Davis), Hard Hat, Trademark, and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed the PAX and FNG: Noah Davis (T-claps to FDIC for EHing his brother). to Paradise Island, reviewed the disclaimer and F3 Mission Statement before taking the PAX on an expedition to find an archipelago yet to be discovered among the Paradise Islands.

PAX moseyed to the Regency Mall North parking lot for an abbreviated Warm-a-rama.

Warm-a-rama heated up quickly. After YHC led the PAX in 10 String-rippers, the PAX moved over to a grassy hillside bordering the parking lot. PAX ran backwards up the hill 2x. Each time the hill was climbed, the PAX completed 5 burpees OYO.

After a brief stop, the PAX ran towards Westchester Drive to Regency Park.

THANG: The crew docked at Regency Park for the following exercises:

Clock Merkins x 10 (12-3-6-9 o’clock) | Dips x 20 | Lateral Step Ups x 10 each leg | Derkins x 10 | Lateral Step Ups x 10 each leg

PAX moseyed down Harney Parkway S. YHC did not attend to lead the crew down this dead end street, but the crew pressed on. After a Bear Crawl around an island cul-de-sac, the crew pressed on to Broadmoor Road.
Broadmoor Road is a long, hilly, dead end street with three islands along the street (archipelago). The PAX ran to the end of the street and bear crawled around each of the three islands. Each island grew larger as the PAX climbed up Broadmoor Street. At the final island some PAX modified to Lunges. T-claps to Point Break for bear crawling around all three islands while wearing a 20 lb vest.
PAX finished Broadmoor Road and ran back to the shovel flag. (2.8 miles)

CONVERGENCE AT FUTURAMA. Tomorrow, PAX will converge at Futurama for a Q School workout led by Khakis and Tater Tot. Note: no workout at The Maize.
SECOND F Event Tomorrow Night at Omaha Tap House. PAX will gather for some fellowship at the Omaha Tap House from 5:30 PM to 8PM on Thursday April 25. (156th Circle).
SECOND F Lunch at Flagship Commons. This Friday, April 26, PAX will meet for a Second F Lunch at Westroads Mall Flagship Commons. 11:45AM-1:30PM.
MURPH MONDAY at THE DISTRICT. This Monday, April 29, the MURPH will split into a second location (#Starfish). Khakis and Tater Tot will serve as Site Qs. The new AO for MURPH will launch from Rockbrook Elementary at 5:30 AM. The OG Murph will remain at Aldrich Elementary.

BRETT HART FAMILY. PAX prayed for Lt. Col. Brett Hart family. Brett was Wait Time’s high school classmate. Last week, he retired from the Marines after 27 years of service. Brett flew Osprey helicopters and trained many Osprey pilots. On Friday morning, Brett suddenly passed away, leaving a wife and two children. He was a true HIM. His Facebook page even referred to his tight bond of brothers as the “Circle of Trust (COT).” YHC believes that Brett would have been a true F3 brother.

Wait Time shared a brief COT message about being a “RADICAL.” The root word of “radical” means to be rooted. It comes from the same root word as “radish.” A lot of people may view us as radical – our commitment to working outdoors, our commitment to our brothers and to a purpose beyond ourselves. Radicals are deeply rooted rather than groups that live on the fringes. Wait Time used a story of Jesus and the crowds that began following Jesus. He said that Jesus was a radical, and when the crowds grew, Jesus retreated to reflect on his purpose. During our anniversary, it is a great reminder to reflect on our purpose. It is a blessing that we grow, and we must not lose sight of our purpose.

Grace & Peace,
Wait Time

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