4/11/2019. The Futuram AO | Memorial Park

PAX:7 –Ponzi, No Doze, Khakis (Respect), Folsom, Bubbles, Brazilian, Polaroid

QIC: No Doze

Weather:  42 degrees/37 real feel.  20 mph gusts from the north, west, and east. Perfect weather for a No Doze Q.

Brazilian came in hot at 5:01 am to join YHC for the pre-run.  T-claps for doing what some (cough, cough #Ponzi) could not summon the courage to do.  Thought the wind would be at our backs after taking the big hill up Underwood, but turns out the wind shifted roughly five times during the run.  Ran by Picabo’s crib, but the lights were out, so we let him fartsack.

Returned to shovel flag to greet the Pax.  Mission statement and disclaimer were given.  Pax went to the colonnade for Warm-o-Rama:

          -SSH -25 IC

          -Step ups – 10IC

          -Moroccan nightclub – 15IC

-Dips – 20

Mosey ¼ mile to Brownell Talbot parking lot for The THANG:

YHC gave Ponzi the option to choose 51 or 101.  Ponzi manned up (finally) and chose 101, which was a nice surprise revealed about 30 minutes later.

As depicted in the accompanying photo, Astronaut No Doze instructed the 6 primitive Pax that they leaving the Column(s) and taking the 2001 Space Odyssey, a slight variation on the “Millenial.”  Pax began with 100 meter “sprint” then completed exercises together until the first man reached 100 reps then everyone sprints 100 meters between each exercise.

100 meter sprint > SSH > Sprint > Lunges > Sprint >  Merkins > Sprint > LBCs > Sprint > Mtn. Climbers > Sprint > Monkey Humpers > Sprint (Mumblechatter: “Oh Wow”) > 100 Cherry Pickers > Sprint > 100 Squats > Sprint > 100 Knee Touch Crunches > Sprint

          At this point, YHC informed Pax that they had completed 1900 of 2001 (1000 meters of sprinting and 900 reps).  Bubbles (math major?) understood that meant we still had Ponzi’s 101 to go.  Lots of mumblechatter (“Oh no, don’t say it”) in anticipation of what they knew would ensue: 101 burpees.  All burpees were done together, in cadence.

         All seven Pax stepped up and led a set of 10 in cadence.  The final two sets of 16 and 15 were #blackwater.  T-claps to the lucky 7.

No time for Mary



-Announcements: Too smoked to do ’em.   

– 49 years ago today astronaut Jim Lovell (not Tom Hanks) captained the Apollo 13 Launch.  2 years earlier, Lovell was on the Apollo 8 crew and took the first “Earthrise” photo of the Big Ball rising over the moon.  Lovell, now age 91, was interviewed last year regarding the photo:

“You have to remember we brought back a picture of the Earth as it is 240,000 miles away. And the fact is, it gives you a different perspective of the Earth when you see it as three-dimensional between the sun and the moon, and you begin to realize how small and how significant the body is,” he said. “When I put my thumb up to the window I could completely hide it, and then I realized that behind my thumb that I’m hiding this Earth, and there are about 6 billion people that are all striving to live there.”

“You have to really kind of think about our own existence here in the universe,” he said. “You realize that people often say, ‘I hope to go to heaven when I die.’ In reality, if you think about it, you go to heaven when you’re born.”

Lovell was referring to the remarkable situation we find ourselves in: floating on a cozy rock that is drifting through the seemingly endless void of space.

“You arrive on a planet that has the proper mass, has the gravity to contain water and an atmosphere, which are the very essentials for life,” he said. “And you arrive on this planet that’s orbiting a star just at the right distance — not too far to be too cold, or too close to be too hot — and just at the right distance to absorb that star’s energy and then, with that energy, cause life to evolve here in the first place.”

“In reality, you know, God has really given us a stage, just looking at where we were around the moon, a stage on which we perform. And how that play turns out is up to us, I guess,” he said.

-Coffeteria at Crane. 



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