3/28/19|Futurama AO|Memorial Park|42 degrees

PAX: Tater Tot, Folsom, The Big One, No Doze, The Plague, Khakis (respect/mad props), OMT, Brazilian, Bubbles, Point Break, 

Q: Ponzi

PAX were all chatting far too much when the clock struck 5:30am. Ponzi told everyone to shut up and pay attention.

F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.

Disclaimer given.

Ponzi informed the PAX that he had seen their futures today and unfortunately….it was horrible. Men would be crying and begging Ponzi for mercy.

(1st Exercise was a nod to No Doze, Futurama’s site Q)

  • SSH->Smurf Jacks->Red Bull Smurf Jacks (called out at random)
  • Finkle Swings x 10 IC each side
  • Jump Ups x 10
  • Sun God Air Squats – 10 IC then reverse 10 more IC
  • Alligator Merkins (Merkin on my down, crawl forward, Merkin on my down, crawl forward, towards me, then reverse back out of circle)
  • Tappy Taps x 10 IC
  • Tater Taps x 10 IC
  • 5 sets Kraken Burpees (1 burpee + 3 hand release merkins. There were plans for more Krakens later but our game of SPUD was too fun and lasted longer than intended. So Krakens will be brought back soon)

Pre-Thang: Game of SPUD!One person starts in the middle w/ a ball in hand, each person has a number, middle guy throws the ball in the air, yells out a number and runs away. Called out number runs to the middle, grabs the ball, then tries to chuck it at PAX who were either running or bear crawling or crawl bearing away depending on whatever Ponzi told them to do that round.
Some Merkins were thrown in one round just to make it feel like we were actually at an F3 beatdown.
Highlight of the game: No Doze chasing Brazilian, who appeared to be running for his life, but No Doze whiffing on the throw from point blank range. 

The Thang:

Round 1: Partnered up!

  • Stairbarrows! Get into wheelbarrow position w/ your partner, partner 1 does 10 curls while partner 2 in planked wheelbarrow position (legs together) then begin wheelbarrow up the stairs, perform 10 derkins, wheelbarrow back down.
    • SWAP at the bottom and repeat!
    • Plank til 6 is in!

Round 2: 

  • Bear Crawl up the stairs –> 10 power merkins at the top (partner’s planked feet on your back) & switch.
    • Point Break, Ponzi, and Bubbles created some sort of 3 man plank tower. Point Break had it pretty easy while Bubbles and Ponzi did the heavy lifting. 
  • Crawl Bear down the stairs –> 10 hand-release merkins at the bottom
    • It was discovered that it is nearly impossible to bear crawl down the stairs. Whoops! IF YOU CAN’T DO IT, DON’T Q IT! Freakin’ Ponzi.

Round 3:

  • QUADraphilia! – It was supposed to be 4 mins but Ponzi was kind to the PAX and only had them do 3 mins of going up the hill running backwards then forward on the way back down.

Round 4:

  • 20 Dips on my down
  • 20 Dry Docks IC
  • 20 Rock Balboas IC

Ponzi had much more planned but Omaha was called and PAX moseyed back to the start

6 MoM:

  • Plank position – 10 count x2
  • Plank holding R Knee to chest – 10 count x2
  • Plank holding L Knee to chest – 10 count x2
  • R Arm Plank x 10 count
  • L Arm Plank x 10 count
  • Plank x 10 count
  • Plank holding R Knee to chest – 10 count x2
  • Plank holding L Knee to chest – 10 count x2
  • Folsom took us home w/ an American Hammer


  • Announcements:
    • Contact Rollbar on Twitter to help move nurse friend who was impacted by flooding
    • The Big One mentioned March Madness get together tonight and also The BoysTown fundraiser or April 30th.
  • I shared a personal story that related to our recent discussion on men and mental health. I hadn’t planned to share or discuss this but Folsom’s speech on being vulnerable and honest yesterday made me feel like I should talk about this issue as well. A few years ago my wife’s brother committed suicide and it was obviously an incredibly traumatic event. She and I made sure to get her the help she needed almost immediately to process this situation and I went part-time at my job so I could be there for her and also take the lead with our only child at the time. That way Kate could take the time she needed to process. She is open about her time with the therapist and how much it truly helped her get through that. She’s able to talk openly about her brother Ben and what that experience was like and continues to be like for her. It’s still not without it’s struggles but she’s in a far healthier place now than she’s ever been. I contrasted her experience with what I have seen from other family members of hers who haven’t been as active in seeking help and talking about it. My point wasn’t to knock them but to show how much it has helped my wife cope in a healthy way and even grow from this horrific experience. I then mentioned how I sometimes wonder if Ben had a group like F3 if he would still be around today. And mentioned we never know what other men are going through around us but to always keep an eye out for the 6 and to check on guys & see how they are doing just like Rollbar encouraged us to do the day prior. 
  • Ended with a prayer

Thank you to all my F3 brothers. You push me to grow everyday and I really appreciate all the laughter, trash talk, and fun we have together.


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