March 27, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//50 degrees with a gentle cool breeze//

Pax: Brazilian, Cyclone (respect!), Picabo, Ponzi, Slow Roast, Baby Grand, Scooter, Peaches, Rollbar, Folsom (10, a record high!)

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered ‘round the stage in Stinson Park while Folsom performed a sound check.  The mission statement and the disclaimer were made.  The PAX circled up for Warm O’Rama.

Warm O’ Rama

Side Straddle Hops ICx20

Don Quixote’s  ICx12

Side Lunges ICx12

Shoulder Taps, ICx20

Merkins, 10

The Thang: A Friendly Game of Baseball!

Folsom educated the PAX on the #fact that there are 27 outs per team in a complete game of baseball.  He also taught the PAX that there are 4 bases that must be touched in order to score a “run”.  Finally, he lectured the PAX that the distance from “home plate” to “first base” is approximately 90 feet.  Folsom tied this into the beatdown, by explaining that each exercise would be done for 27 reps and that we would round the bases by having 4 exercises per inning.  Finally, after reaching home, the PAX would Sprint down to first for a little fun.  First inning consisted of 27 reps of Squats, Merkins, Curls, Sit Ups, and a sprint out to the Heavy Metal ShovelFlag.  The PAX didn’t quite make it through 9 innings, but we did make it through 5 rounds before Omaha was called. 

1st Base

Squats, Dead Lifts, and Step Back Lunge with a Twist.

2nd Base

Merkins, Dips, Military Press.

3rd Base

Curls, Rows, and more Curls

Home Plate

Sit Ups, Dying Cyclone*, American Hammers.

Mumblechatter: *Dying Cyclone, originally titled “Dumbbell touch” is an exercise Folsom saw on a video of a kettlebell routine where you plank on your elbows, a.k.a. chill cut, and alternate reaching out and touching the weight that’s sitting out in front of you.  Folsom thought it was a good idea to do 27 of these in cadence, so that touch with your left hand was 1, back to elbows was 2, touch with your right hand was 3, and back to elbows was the count.  The PAX was rotating who got the call for the exercises and this particular one fell to Cyclone.  Although Cyclone had very reasonable doubts he did his duty and began the count.  Folsom, blissfully unaware due to his proximity to the speaker blasting hard rock, had no idea the PAX were really struggling with this exercise as we progressed through the teens of the reps.  But by 20, Folsom looked up and realized most of the PAX were just lying on their bellies and poor Cyclone was utterly speechless trying to keep the count going to 27.  Thus the name change to Dying Cyclone. 

Announcements: Rollbar has a coworker that is new in town from Texas and her house was a victim of the recent flooding.  He’s asking for volunteers from the PAX to help her with clean up sometime soon.  PAX, time to put our muscles to good use and do more than dropping off socks and water.  DM Rollbar on Twitter, @F3_Rollbar and he’ll put you on the list. 

COT: Today’s topic was mental health.  Folsom gathered the men in around him and broke it down like this: This is a tough topic.  I thought about going generic and talking about the importance of seeking help when you feel you need it and also looking to help others when you think they may need it.  But that isn’t me.  The more I thought about the topic of mental health, especially when it comes to men, the more I thought, “We don’t talk about that.”  We are men; we’re supposed to be strong, tough, supportive, and quiet.  In a word, stoic.  We can’t show any weaknesses.  We don’t talk about how our wife being too tired to do anything with us after putting the kids to bed is really starting to hurt our feelings.  We don’t talk about how our boss at work is really breaking our backs.  We don’t talk about how with this long cold winter that we haven’t gotten out much, and we might have some family problems, and we are just feeling depressed.  We put up fake armor and a shield and we just keep it balled up inside of us.  Well, I’m here to tell you, we need to talk about those things.  We can talk to our M’s, our friends, even our dogs, and especially to our F3 brothers.  It doesn’t matter, as long as we talk about what is bothering us.  I f*#$ked up my marriage, and I’m trying not to mess up my kids and I’m not afraid to say that I’ve been to therapy.  I’ve been pretty broken up and seeking help and talking about my problems was how I got over them.  Seeking help isn’t being weak.  To me, being strong is seeing a problem and taking it head on, no matter how painful it is personally.  We have to face our problems to be better men, and it’s ok to seek help in doing it.  Here, Rollbar stepped in and added the best lesson of the day.  Don’t just ask for help when you need it, but offer help when you see someone that needs it.  If someone hasn’t posted in a while, reach out to them.  Don’t just say, hey what’s up?  Ask what’s going on, why haven’t you been around, how I can help you?  Because we, as men, can be too proud to ask for help, but will take it when it’s somewhat forced upon us.  Take care of yourself, and take care of each other, my brothers. 

Aye- Folsom

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